Georgia school district will now only offer virtual learning after 90 staff members are forced to quarantine

"If today was the first day of school, we would have been hard-pressed to have sufficient staff available to open our schools," the superintendent said


My daughter is an elementary teacher. Her school has adopted a hybrid plan. She teaches each student , face to face in the classroom at least one hour a day. By the end of the week she has taught all her students face to face and then continued with remote learning. A parent, care giver, relative, nanny, sibling, etc. can also attend the teaching portion in school, so they are able to help the student at home. Masks are required, and she is given a period of time between students to wipe down and disinfect her classroom. So far so cases ..

These are called probable cases.
It’s on the CDC website and it’s ridiculous.
A friend of mine got her hair done.
Her hairdresser has to get tested every two weeks.
The hairdresser came up positive.
37 women who get their hair done there had to quarantine for two weeks including my friend.
They had a contact tracer calling them every day.
At the end of the two weeks NO ONE including the hairdresser ever got sick.
NO ONE WAS TESTED yet they were all considered probable cases because they were exposed to someone who tested positive.
This is going on all over the country.
This is one of the ways they inflate the numbers.

If only all would have just listened to the experts (not the idiot) , this could have been avoided. The very people complaining about having to go back and teach most likely consist of some of those who did not wear masks when told by the EXPERTS (ie Fouchi) to do so. These people don’t spend years studying and not know what they are talking about!!! My thought is, to concentrate on teaching and being smart about how close you get to another person, wear a mask and make the kid who doesn’t keep the masks on go home an do online learning. It’s not THAT hard to keep a mask on for 8’s really not. If you wear the masks and socially will be fine( in my opinion and what I have seen working directly with covid patients ). Boot the ones out that don’t follow the rules.
It’s a shame the children have to suffer because of so many blind parents that refused to wear a mask when told to do so by the EXPERTS.
It was all so simple....but too many hard nosed props that did not want their “ rights “ violated! Cut me a break.