Dr. Fauci: My family gets death threats

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN that he has had to get security protection after his family received death threats and harassment



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I use to think all Americans are smart, a lot of comments proved that wrong. Some doctors who have treated COVID19 patients claimed to have treated a lot with hydroxchloroquine and they recovered and a scientist is saying no the drugs doesn't work, let's wait till we get vaccine that works, while waiting, thousands of Americans are dying daily. Its foolishness to ignore what is gainful. Here in Nigeria, most of us have been boiling Neem leaf to drink 2-3 times daily and for 5 days which has helped us to fight against the virus and that is why we have very low cases of COVID19 here. Only 10% of our population uses faces mask and I even doubt that stat. Quine are gotten from Neem leaf. Will it be wrong to use what works and that has saved lives than to be waiting for a vacinne that seems impossible? How can a nation like America who we all assume to be more advanced than any other nation be playing politics with a virus a confused country like Nigeria is dealing with cheaply? I know a lot will say, we are not doing enough tests that's why the number of cases are very low, agreed but why haven't we be picking corpses on the streets in the country since February when the first case was announced here in Lagos, Nigeria? Its been over 5 months and the stats is reasonable in order compared to what WHO projected it will happen in Africa. I don't support the death threat but can you Americans see the politics in this COVID saga than the COVID19 itself? Is it not better to try what works and save lives than to be waiting for a vaccine forever while hundreds die daily? Americans need to proof to me that they are more advanced intellectually than Africans now. Think!