Oregon residents are illegally stopping drivers at gunpoint during wildfire evacuations, sheriff says

Amid evacuation orders due to raging wildfires, some Oregon residents suspicious of looting have been illegally stopping unfamiliar drivers at gunpoint



What CNN, this isn't okay when others do it, but when you do it it's fine?

"Several members of the board were skeptical of Antifa's involvement. Smith said only the one sergeant had been told by informants that Antifa members were intentionally setting fires, though he presented the information as fact."

Lets run some more of that 'Atlantic' article talking about "anonymous sources" some more.

I think these people are acting out of fear. Should they do it? Most likely not, as it can and will cause further issues. But as far as the picture above, there is nothing wrong with posting it and enforcing it at your own house.

Yet many of you believe it dems that cause chaos in already democratic cities that they already have government control of... so what sense does that make to create chaos for themselves

Forgetting that people like Ryan came from out of town shooting at people in PL. The president praised him a patriot... so its not hard to believe that after the President said numerous times that these "anarchist" needed to be stopped and now they are surrounded by fire.

We already have an established documented trend of this...

"The media is our number 1 enemy"- Journalists were shot at

Mexicans are coming in Caravans to wreak havoc- A guy drives from out of state to el paso- opens fire on anyone looking Spanish