Trump baselessly questions climate science during California wildfire briefing

President Donald J. Trump was rebutting an official briefing him who pleaded for the President listen to the science. Climate experts tell CNN that, due to human-caused climate change, temperature extremes are climbing higher and the vegetation is drier, which affects fire behavior.


So does Biden. It was only a couple weeks ago your TV channel aired video of him threatening americans with more facking which leads to more pollution. All in an effort to make a group of nuts who keep tigers in their back yards from being afraid of him. Which causes me to fear a president Biden as I like my drinking water clean.

Every Democrat that voted Biden in the primary did this too when they chose a party shill over a guy giving us a green new deal. I hoped snd prayed you would write that story cnn. But you never did..... So why you bting it up now that a known notorious science denier doesn't accept climate change escapes me.

Trump stands by science. One of the most commonly used arguments against human-caused climate change is that Earth has experienced severe fluctuations in temperature over its 4.5-billion-year lifespan, so it doesn’t make sense to start freaking out about it now.
A single eruption from a volcano puts 10,000 times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all of human activity has throughout history.
Here's the BIDEN/OBOZO Legacy: List of Failed Obama Green Energy & Solar Companies: Losses in the Billions for Taxpayers. None Succeeded. Solyndra Collapse a 'Waste' of Half a Billion By Obama, GOP Critics Say
BIDEN, OBOZO and all the democrat politicians who run these fire infested states had years to implement forest management plans and look what happens. I'm sure the likes of the progressive filled Sierra club and environmentalists have done much to derail any and all management issues!

This is disturbing.........Solar Energy Contributes to Climate Change Some, Study Finds.
The study, conducted by climate change research scientist Aixue Hu of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, found that solar panels tend to cause regional increase of urban area temperatures when said electricity transforms into heat. Various chemicals, including sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, are used in panel production, emitting greenhouse gases and creating waste, National Geographic reports. The mining practices also create climate and environmental issues that cannot be discounted! We can also connect serious environmental, climate changes along with humanity abuses when dealing with the mining and recycling of lithium EV practices.
Large solar installations affect global and regional climate by taking solar radiation and distributing it in a different manner than natural processes. In turn, the farms change local radiation balance, “resulting in changes in atmospheric circulation.”
The last few years have seen growing concern over what happens to solar panels at the end of their life. Consider the following statements:
The problem of solar panel disposal “will explode with full force in two or three decades and wreck the environment” because it “is a huge amount of waste and they are not easy to recycle.”

“The reality is that there is a problem now, and it’s only going to get larger, expanding as rapidly as the PV industry expanded 10 years ago.”
“Contrary to previous assumptions, pollutants such as lead or carcinogenic cadmium can be almost completely washed out of the fragments of solar modules over a period of several months, for example by rainwater.”

I told you, listen to him! He thinks he is not only a general but, also the best doctor in the world, don't question him or he'll say again, "maybe it's best to take chlorox, injectible disinfectants,in fact I took hydrochloroquine for malaria, to be sure"(for sure he didn't took it.). Huh! You wanted us all dead? My god, what a good advised coming the no. 1 country in world. Where is your brain? Firemen give your hoses & rakes, put him o n the area where there is wild fire due to high wind, see if his forest management can do the trick.

Governor Newsom thanked Trump for all he has done. The slimeball cnn empty talking heads said it wasn’t sincere. He was just trying to get something from President Trump. Of course, it’s BS. The president has delivered. He was praised for delivering (that’s AFTER the fact) on the covid issue. He already received the relief. Eat it, cnn hacks.The forest management issue is a valid one. However, where was the outrage during the obama years? Did obama help with deforestation? The constant display of HYPOCRISY from the left is appalling. Just wondering; did governor Newsom address the 3% of the forests owned by the state?

Like COVID, denying Climate Change has future value to Trump and his cronies. From Sarah Kendzior's, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT:

"In the eyes of the autocrats and plutocrats, the future is not a right but a commodity. As climate change brings unparalleled crises, the future becomes a rare asset, meant to be hoarded like diamonds or gold. To millionaire elites, many of whom already had an apocalyptic bent, a depopulated world is not a tragedy but an opportunity – and certainly easier to manage as they insulate themselves from the ravages of a literally scorched earth. The last four decades have led to the hoarding of resources on a heretofore unimaginable scale by people who have neither baseline respect for human life nor a traditional sense of the future.”

I'm Yuanjieyi. Why can they only think of themselves when the world is so beautiful? Were the Kings of the Communist Party in Beijing used to be good people? Did power, status and money change those people? There are many things I don't understand. I often think that people may have been birds in the past. I sometimes lift my heart and dream of flying in Hong Kong. If I don't keep my hands fluttering all the time, I'm about to fall to the ground. Still, I feel free. Clouds like a red carpet float in the eastern sky. I keep fluttering my hands to get there. I'm trying to get to your side. I am you