Court rules that Trump can end humanitarian protections for 300,000 immigrants

JUST IN: A split federal appeals court panel says the Trump administration can terminate humanitarian protections for 300,000 immigrants from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador. The decision means that thousands of immigrants who have lived in the United States could eventually be deported.


Massive immigration both legal and illegal had taken a severe toll on the American middle class. Wages had been driven down, Jobs where hard to find for college grads and blue collar workers. That is until 2106, when America elected its first pro American president in a long time. Just when the middle class began to rebound and Americans of all color started to enjoy a better life, higher wages, the Chinese virus was turned loose on the world. America can make a come back. But only if we keep Biden-Harris out of the White House. Trump-Pence 2020 because we’ve had Biden for 47 years and paid a terrible price for it.

Illegal immigrants equal modern slavery supported by the Democrat party.

Build the Wall a must temporary Fix to stop illegal borders crossing.

China has the great wall and it didn't prevent the inevitable. You want to fix immigration change laws to punish CEO and owners who employee illegals with jail time and that will fix it.

Legal immigration is the best solution to correct illegal border crossing enforced by all countries accept for America. It is time for American to enforce our Immigration laws. No one is above the law. Amnesty rewards illegal conduct, and can destroy a country. No borders equal no country.

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