This is what could happen if the 2020 census fails to count everyone in the US

If the 2020 census fails to count everyone in the US, experts warn that the consequences will be serious, widespread and long-lasting. And time is running out to get it right.


Big contrast between your Biden and Trump. Biden at his residence looking like a grass field behind him speaking about the fires out West, while Trump is physically going there to see first hand some of the destruction. Your Biden cant even leave his home to see what's happening to our country. Your party is pushing a sick man. Why he is leading in the polls is beyond me, must be because of all the money Biden's campaign is receiving from all these high tech companies who all hate Trump. They dont like Biden either, but, they see Biden as the worst of two evils, and that's the true, he is the worst of evil along with the people in the background pushing him, teleprompting him, keeping him at his house all during the campaign. This is not a campaign with Biden, him and his staff are running their campaign using his armchair in the comfy of his home, where he feels safe and comfy. Your party is a joke