Trump holds first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months

His last entirely indoor rally in Tulsa brought considerable controversy after the city experienced a surge in coronavirus cases a little more than 2 weeks after the event


This narcissistic liar doesn’t even care about his own base! What does that tell you about his “ me, me, me, grandiosa behavior about his own base! They while not very astute , they are STill
Americans! And most certainly will contract if not spread this deadly pandemic to other!
My advice for “responsible, astute” Americans...stay as far away from them and wear a mask, Social distance and take a test to ensure you haven’t contracted this tRUMP virus.
He can no longer plan it on China (China tried to warn him), but he, and his narcissism didn’t care to listen.. as he said on national TV-( as he says about everything that is not flattering to him)..,its a Democrat hoax!
Well now we are almost at a million deaths, and he and his family bubble world don’t care! Adolf Hitler was the same are all dangerous narcissistic dictators!
Wake up America.., IQ 45 has blood on his hands, and history will remember him harshly.!

Never mind the surges, the crap he continues to spread, the distraction tactics, the blame game or all the other stuff this guy continues to. What I just don’t understand is this. What the effing hell is wrong with these people that they continue to fall over themselves to please this vile creature even after he’s been caught red-handed in the worst lie possible at this time. He knew this virus was deadly stuff. He knows it’s still deadly stuff yet you keep filling those stadiums for him, no masks, squashed in like sardines in a can. He knows many of you will get sick. He knows some of you will die. He doesn’t care and yet, you still fall over yourselves to please him. WHY? Are you all really such mindless idiots? Is he paying you a pile of dosh to risk your life? Has he promised you personally something you’re willing to do anything for? No. I don’t think he has. It seems he doesn’t need to. All he does is make you feel better about the truth of your own internal beliefs that you know, deep down, are disgusting. He gives you permission to feel them, embrace them, celebrate them. But he won’t be around for ever and you’re going to be left behind to face the consequences of your behaviour. I hope you’re ready for that.

I haven't been on CNN FB page because frankly, I believe THEY are the ones who have fomented FEAR and VIOLENCE in this country! But after reading some of these comments, you people only have' one liner' sound bites! None of you have any facts, you just name call! It's sad to see how many of you keep repeating the same lines over and over and over with NO FACTS! But the DEMS have definitely achieved what they wanted to accomplish! Read Saul Alinsky's "How To Create A Socialist State" by using 8 levels of control! You're eating right out of their hands!

He cannot stand to not be around those who idol him. He’s only been in a situation where the playing field was level a handful of times and he failed miserably each time. He is willing to risk the lives of his sycophants for a rally virtually no one is watching or covering! Thats why the debates are going to be a cake walk for Biden - can you imagine asking tRump to defend the multitude of his bad policies that he probably isn’t even aware of because his administration is making all the policy while he golfs, watches TV and tweets.

There's a time to worry, fight and forgive
A time for crying, laughter and dance.
A time to remember our heroes past
Time for love, song, debate and romance.

God’s advice helps us find our way
Though the process may seem slow.
Experience is our best teacher
Of those things we need to know.

When we do wrong there’s a price to pay
For remaining ungodly, unaware and cruel.
As we trust God’s will and heed His call
We avoid being lost, disloyal and a fool.


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