An 80-year-old who disappeared while out hiking turned up at his own missing person appeal

The press conference turned into a celebration when Harvey turned up at the pub


49 more days and we get to vote out the worst president ever in the history of the USA. Thank goodness it’s over. He failed all Americans

200,000 dead by the end of today and this POS lied. He didn’t want to instill fear however attend any of his rallies and you would think your at a KkK event. You would think the violence is rampant. The man lied. He killed Americans, he got caught. And he blames someone else. Sound familiar.

The orange idiot talks about leadership

I am a senior executive of a public company, you are judges on how you lead, what decisions you make, what direction you lead the company in. Truth is Trump claims to be this great leader, great negotiator,,,fact is, in the real world:

He would be fired for failure to achieve his goals/targets/projections.

The man dropped the ball, 200,000 American
Lives are lost.

49 days, vote out the worst president in the history of the USA.