Kayleigh McEnany has crossed a line | Opinion

When asked directly if the President had lied to the American public, McEnany had the gall to say, "The President has never lied to the American public on Covid," writes Joe Lockhart for CNN Opinion



There is so much CHAOS, CRISIS, UNHAPPINESS, HURT, PAIN, SUFFERING, DIVISION, DISPAIR and DEATHS that is felt by ALL Americans under the Trump Presidency that’s unlike ANYTHING we’ve experienced in history. The American People, regardless of their Political Party, Race and Age, have ALL been affected by Trump’s failures as POTUS. And the one thing that hurts me more than ANYTHING, given this is the EVERYDAY reality that the American People are living in, is to see the amount of times Trump goes GOLFING! This to me speaks LOUDER and CLEARER than any words Trump can express, that Donald J. Trump, POTUS, just DOES NOT CARE about ALL the American People and OUR Country! PERIOD. Therefore, ALL AMERICANS MUST VOTE TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE ON NOV. 3rd.

There is a big difference between not inciting country wide panic based on zero information in the beginning and lying. Nobody knew how it would spread, how deadly it would be, or anything. By the time China even informed the world people had already traveled here with it and it has begun to spread. People can use the president all they want as a scapegoat for how things have gone, but the fact of the matter is the only ones to blame are local governments and the selfish, self centered nature of the American people. Trump tried to enact travel bans in the beginning, everyone fought against it, he tried to enforce lockdowns, states said he didn’t have the right to tell them what to do. Even when it was obvious things were bad, people still refused to abide by mandated methods to keep it from spreading. Churches holding mass gatherings, beaches packed with people, fights about wearing masks. Even now lots of states have mask mandates that people don’t follow. Go into stores and still people not wearing them, employees have them on but they are either worn below the nose or they pull them down to talk to each other, completely defeating the purpose. It doesn’t matter what he said in the beginning it wouldn’t have made any difference. People can say he could have handled it differently, but how? Seriously I want to know what he could have done that people wouldn’t have fought against, declaring that the federal government was infringing on their “rights”. People living in a fantasy world thinking there was anything more that could have been done at the Federal level. Country wide martial law, perhaps? Military on the streets in every state enforcing strict lockdowns? Yeah, that would have gone over well, but that’s pretty much all they could have done. There are governors for a reason, they are responsible for their states and they are the ones responsible for the people within it. They are just trying to pass the blame onto the President for their lack of action. They all knew just as much as he did, they knew how bad it was gonna be. Remember they sold their stocks before telling the American people.

The media is so quick to call anything Trump might say 'a lie' by purposely quoting outdated statements. 'Experts' themselves have to change their assessments all the time when new or adjusted data presents itself. At the beginning of the Covid-19 attack on our country, Trump made statements quoting the best 'experts' at the time. And, he was also being optimistic - not a lie! Data, as you should be aware, is changing almost daily, to refer to and use old quotes that were up-to-date at the time, and then use them as if they are the latest data is disingenuous, to say the least. The Left-leaning media knows this but chooses to unjustly attack the president for political reasons.

I may be wrong but my assumption is Joe Biden is on medication do to the fact of his forgetfulness and needs time to recover. Have you ever seen him on the campaign trail more than maybe 2 days in a row . His constant need of a teleprompter proves to me either he knows nothing about what he is talking about or his mind is fading. The Democrats are in a free fall and in panic mode . You watch Biden would not make himself available to the public days before the first debate . He might pull off a good debate because 1 he will be back on his meds and 2 he needs ample time to be hunkered down in his bunker just to look presidential. Time is near to put an end to his shenanigans and prove to the American people he is a shell of his former self which he wasn’t that good in the first place.