Two Gulf nations recognized Israel at the White House

President Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu joined the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain at the White House to mark historic normalization agreements between Israel and the two Arab countries.


When u see that the world is blinded from seeing the truth u get that feeling of losing hope and losing strength to continue trying to show the truth
And then its do clear that we live in a jungle and it's a matter of survival.

Me as a Palestinian want my land back

Israeli wants the land God promised them with

USA people.. Believe only what media is showing them and am dire they are peaceful people

The brave ones among all of us who dares to go against his own skin when it comes to right or wrong

Evil will never end.. It's just a part of life balance.. But ask your self a question on which side u want to be

I watched Mr. Biden's speeches, they are without emotions, without joy, they do not captivate the crowds. Same mistake as old Hilary Clinton. Dem. Party is not learning anything, young Obama with his wife may not have been a good president, he supported China, the EU, he has weak in politics worlds, Russia did what wanted but Obama as a candidate he was young, had a lot of energy and attracted people. Democracies and Biden have no chance of winning. Trump will win, but he must to make serious reforms, lower taxes, build new airports, give more income to the police and clean up the streets, even with the army, and his daughter will win in 5 years.She will be the first woman president in the US.

You know, this is not what he was going for. Isreal and the Arab states, realized they were going to have to work together. Palestinians, surrounding Isreal, still haven't come to the table, due to the distrust they have, for Trump's agenda with Isreal. Trumps plan - through his son in law, almost ruined any chance at peace. Now, Jared, is changing his agenda - and joining the course of the new agreement. But, it's looking like a token in Trump's cap. I'm just happy they are trying. Maybe now, Isreal will allow the water to flow down stream, to help the cities have clean water, instead of the actual sewage water they've been getting.

As Rush asked, what is Trump's secret? Then he answered.
He didn't include the Palestinians. They have no desire for peace as they have demonstrated before. He instead went to people who are willing to make peace and started there. As this has been done watch other nations decide they too want to have peace and the prosperity it brings. One day the Palestinians will be all alone in wanting war and may rethink their opposition to peace.
As I have said before, how do I clean all the trash left in some houses my boss is repairing? I start with the easiest trash to get to and after a while the almost impossible looking job is done.

When trump gets his buddies in Saudi Arabia, the architects of 911 on board with recognizing Israel, THEN I’ll be impressed.
The United Arab Emirates? Is this a joke?!
Oh yeah, The UAE is a vicious threat. . What a joke.
This is NOTHING but a $#;t show for political gain at election time.
Designed for Trumplodytes that haven’t a clue of world history or current events.
Historic occasion? Don’t make me laugh. It’s nothing but a catered trade deal. The UAE is more than happy to play along and read the trump administration propaganda script all prepared for them.
In short, The UAE was paid off by Trump and Netanyahu.

If some kind of peace agreement can be signed between Israel and Palestinian Authority . It would save lots of bloodshed and destruction. Would be really beneficial in real terms to both the warring parties. It would have great financial benefits and the money saved can be spent on the welfare of people and development of the area.
It would be great service to humanity. This is the greatest service which the PM Netanyahu can do to the region as they have the upper hand. Donald Trump, Netanyahu and Palestinian authority would be remembered in history with golden words. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE, IF THE PARTIES INVOLVED HAVE THE WILL FOR ITS SUCCESS.
For how long Israelis and Palestinians will keep on fighting and depriving its people of real happiness, mental as well as physical peace and prosperity.
Prayers are requested from everyone, who believes in peace, love and humanity ,PLEASE

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