Joe Biden heads to Florida to court Latino voters

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is making his first general election appearance in Florida on Tuesday, where he’s hoping to win over the Latino vote.


All the idiots voting for Trump fearing socialism from Biden. Morons. All of them arrived pennyless from Cuba, Venezuela and So. America. They all received socialist benefits like welfare, snap, public housing, SSI, SSD, SS, Sec 8 and so on. All socialist programs brought to the poor by dems. So they supporting Trump is an oxymoron. I am Puerto Rican. Trump has nade it a point to insult all latinos. If he had his way, we would be exterminated. Oh wait, but all the Cubans and Venezuelan lived that with the dictators of their countries! Give Trump 4 more years and they will be reliving it. Idiots

If the cuban hispanic community is basing voting for trump on this lie that biden will make us a socialist country, know this, we r a democracy with checks and balances along 3 branches of government. Executive, Legistative and Judicial. We have over 550 congress people in senate and house of representatives. We will NEVER B a Cuba. We are a free country and will always be. Our values will always remain. None of our freedoms will be destroyed. That is Trump using the hispanic vote to scare u. What is the deal with that word hispanic??? who came up with that word. Maybe its THEIR PANIC! dont drink the fear mongering kool aid! Please vote! Be informed! Do your research. America is the greatest. We are the land of the free. The home of the brave. Go Vote! USA! USA!

As far as I’m concerned we are closer to communism with Donald Trump as President. He has said the press is the enemy of the ppl, he has politicized every government agency and every branch of government. He took Putin’s side against the Russian interference in our 2016 election against his own Intelligence Community. He is stoking fear in ppl that live in the suburbs telling them that their houses are gonna be burned down if Biden is elected! He lied about the seriousness of Covid so that he could run on a good economy to get re-elected, while American lives die! He fires every government official that speaks ill of him or tells the truth about him. He favors white nationalists saying they love their country while trying to squash the racial justice movement by painting ALL of them as anarchists. He knows what he says doesn’t have to be true as long as he uses lies and fears to get ppl to believe him. Yeah. He’s the New Castro, nit Biden! He is a liar, a racist, and a dangerous fraud. He does not deserve an additional term in the Whitehouse!