Trump administration wants to expand international rule limiting abortion access

The Trump administration is pushing to expand its ban on funding for foreign nonprofits that perform or promote abortions, a move that critics say could further restrict health care access around the world.


This has nothing to do with these old white men and religious zealots! The ConMan cares nothing for America or it’s people and in particular women. Vote blue to save America. !We are all created equal, how dare the government try to restrict women from taking care of themselves. Of course, a minor who gets in trouble or is abused ,needs a consult and to get help, but shame on this country For thinking they hold the moral ground. We’ve got the worst man in a position of power. He’s assaulted sexually and emotionally many women. Vote blue vote blue vote blue

What happens when a 13 is rapped by her uncle and it results in a pregnancy? She should be forced to carry the child that was forced on her against her will? Rape is a sin so if a baby is conceived through a sin, is the baby a sin? I think abortions should be a last resort and not used as a form of birth control, but it does have to be an option. How about the married mom with 4 young children, expecting her 5th and the doctors tell her she will die if she continues the pregnancy? Should she risk leaving her 4 children to be cared for by her grieving widowed husband to raise all alone? Sometimes tough choices have to be made and it should be the womens or families choice to make. How about the 14 year old daughter of a pastor who’s family would disown her if she had sex before marriage let alone get pregnant? She will likely try to abort it herself or hide it and dump it in a trash can to die or worse. You guys need to really think about this. Dems aren’t encouraging women to run out and abort their babies, they’re just smart enough to realize that it’s a women’s right to chose for her own body. Not the governments!