Judge rules Chad Wolf likely unlawfully serving as acting secretary of DHS

The federal judge also temporarily barred the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions on members of two immigration advocacy groups, court documents show.



Did you ever think you could be badly mistaken? Have you researched all the good he has done? This news is totally far out, always putting the president in a bad light. All presidents in the past have deported many, especially during hard times when the government needs money to feed the citizens who are poor. We only want true and loyal Americans. Other countries have even stricter immigration restrictions. You cannot imagine what a huge responsibility this president has unless you walk in his shoes, especially with this old bunch of democrats who hated losing their hold on the country. Immigration has become way too expensive and a real headache.

Have you heard about the Federal Government Grant?

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The United Nations help commission have set this up working to foster global monetary , secure financial stability, sustainable economic growth, develop more opportunities for the people and to reduce poverty around the world.
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Trump does not seek a lawless country , democrats are the ones who have encouraged the rioting across the country in case you didn’t notice it is happening in all democrat controlled states and cities , trump has offered federal help to stop the lawlessly that the democrats don’t want to control , crime rates have risen dramatically in philly , New York , Portland , Seattle , Chicago Ect during 8 years of omama and Biden 4000 people were killed in Chicago alone a city he came from yet he did nothing to stop it , omama had the cages built for the immigrants, democrats want to just let illegal people become citizens , give illegals healthcare when our own citizens can’t afford it our previous relatives as peg says , they immigrated to the US LEGALLY followed the rules and laws and became citizens LEGALLY

It’s so good that the MSM never seems to get anything wrong, but only reports on half truths. Like the 2 police officers shot by a person who just walked up and fired at them in the faces and heads, yet no reports on MSM, or news of riots and burning in Seattle, Minnesota, etc. just peace protesters. So sorry if I do not go along with the fact that it is not driven by the left and main stream media to cause disruption and turmoil, because it has gone on since before he was elected, all because HILLARY was not elected.