Smoke from Western wildfires has blown thousands of miles across the US

Smoke from severe wildfires raging on the West Coast has blown thousands of miles east, reaching parts of the Midwest, Canada and upstate New York


I am Canadian; my mom has dual U.S. -Canadian citizenship. Your racist, deceptive, arrogant, evil, inept, CORRUPT illigitimate "president" is causing an apocalypse. I have been saying for the past almost 4 years that he would impact the world negatively. The U.S. is an embarrassment, tRump is a joke. What we can't figure out is how a minority can be so easily brainwashed by an immoral lowlife? We read that a lot of his supporters have a poor education, or that they live in rural areas so are uninformed or are angry because they have struggled to have a successful life. Regardless, after 4 years of seeing this immoral, evil person (reminds me of Hitler), one would think they would have become wise to him.