श्वेता ने शेयर किया सुशांत का वीडियो, लिखा- किसने छीन लिया हमारा चमकता सितारा

श्वेता सिंह- हमारे सुशांत को क्या हुआ, किस षड़यंत्र ने हमारे चमकते सितारे को छीन लिया #SushantSinghRajput



Despite being proven so called loyal and ideal roll model of the bihar and youth to influence the bihar election by paid and sold news channel , now the hidden truth glimpsed out by law of natural justice . This and other incident shows the every thing is possible during this careless govt which was the slogan of the govt " Modi hai to mumkin hai" each and every action of this govt r nothing but to befool people .now looking worthless of its earlier boosted action which gone anti people now the govt gone hangup to take any decision in the critical condition and focusing on useless work like this type of nautinki . Some facts shown that late susant was a great drugist and characterless and if he would have been alive had been in jail.but we only believe in natural justice in this time ..