Opinion: I lost my legs fighting for America. I want a president who understands service

Dan Berschinski, a veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan in 2009, writes that he wants our nation to be led by a President who understands the values of service and sacrifice and that person is not Donald Trump. (via CNN Opinion)



Biden never served in the war and actually supported and voted for the Iraq war. Trump publicly opposed the Iraq and other wars. He has worked to defeat ISIS, has not started a new war, facilitated a significant middle east peace accord and is actively working to bring back all our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan that Obama/Biden promised, but never delivered. Trump also improved the Veteran medical treatment at the VA as well as providing more choices and options. Trump also supports and has appropriately funded the Military for strength and security, without using them inappropriately. I get the personal connection this one soldier has with Biden, but there are far more that have the same and or better support of Trump.

These people draft themselves into the army to fight wars which has nothing to do with them for the thrill, fun and adrenaline of firing machine guns only to come home as amputees when they could have done something way better in life than sacrificing their limbs and their mobility.
Then they come home losing their independence with PTSD crying about the government's failed attempts to value them more with restitution for becoming disabled and veteran benefits.
Could have sought trade work instead if they can't afford college and live a more fulfilling and able-bodied life.
The U.S government doesn't care what happens to veterans or those lost in warfare and in the line of duty.
America needs so much building in many areas and industries than playing with guns in suicide missions for the fantasy of feeling like a comic book Marvel superhero.
Time for them to wake up and see the reality that humans are frail and not invulnerable, impervious to harm or immortal.