South Korea threatens fines for ignoring face-mask mandate

Go There heads to South Korea, where masks are now mandatory in public across the country – even as the number of coronavirus cases have begun to decline. Anyone who violates the new face-mask policy faces a fine of 100,000 won, or around $87, and facilities which fail to follow preventative measures could face closure. CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports from Seoul.


CNN y Amigos,

The citizens of South Korea are obedient to the government. Not like here who believe that a demograce is debauchery and can do what they want, regardless of the rights of others under the constitution. And when they find the cure for covid19 more than 46 percent will refuse. It is the American thought. They are narcissistic and ruthless. that's why they elected trump and will vote for him again. Covid-19 does not disappear because no one obeys because their rights to them is more important than the Nation. They are standing on 214 thousand corpses and we still do not learn. Our triumphs as a nation are based on our unity, not on division. The last and only time we divided we went through a civil war and in 2020 we have not learned yet. A divided nation cannot win and even less this enemy.