How QAnon uses religion to lure unsuspecting Christians

Some Christian conservatives are falling for QAnon, which uses emotionally fraught topics such as suffering children to draw converts to their baseless and unhinged conspiracies


This has one name or several for that matter written all over it: Dragon, old serpent, Beelzebul and of course the devil. Maybe the most appropriate in this context is father of lies.

Christians, remember what you already know. Truth comes from one source and one source, the word of God.

The devil wants to twist the truth. Take a tragic issue like child trafficking and keep twisting it to point it in one direction so that he turns Gods people on each other.

The truth of the matter is evil is everywhere. Democrats, Republicans and yes independents. But, it transcends any political party or organization for that matter.

There is no messiah on this earth. That is blasphemous as a Christian to even think it. Again, check yourselves brothers and sisters on this. There is only ONE Christ and He is the only redeemer.

Donald Trump has a place in the story. Joe Biden has a place in the story. But, let’s not lose our gaze on the prize. Jesus. Simply Jesus.

Those are the ones that say they are Christians but spew hate. They follow a man who lies and makes fun of others. Talks down on others so bad the his followers are willing to try and kidnap 2 sitting Governors because they are Democrats and those are the ones that were found out more than likely there are more. The God I know is a loving God and loves all. Jesus was crucified because people didn’t believe he was the son of God. It’s like Trump saying certain people are bad and his followers doing his dirty deeds. God is a loving God and loves all people no matter the color of their skin or religion or if they believe in him or not. You don’t hate another person ever sometimes you just have to move on weather you believe in god or not it’s your decision. But hate is never good for anyone.

Stop letting the media who are actively campaigning for Biden. They flood stories that are emotional and negative about Trump and suppress anything negative about Biden. People are so busy following the shiny object they don’t see what’s happening. Don’t vote for personally and emotion. Vote for actions and getting things done.

Trump may have a brash personality made worse because he’s frustrated with the media bias but he’s held up well after 4 years of constant attacks by media and dems. Things were going well with an economy on fire until COVID.

Biden is a career politician. He was put in as a placeholder. He will not be acting as POTUS.
He’s a Trojan Horse with Bernie, AOC and Harris who will transform this county with the goal of socialism

Democrats claim anything they are opposed to or outcome where they lose is “illegitimate’. Watch the news, they all use the same word. This week’s word is “illegitimate” to describe the new SCOTUS nominee which is totally in line with the POTUS’s duties. But they don’t like it so it’s “illegitimate.” Watch their manipulative controlled language. If they can’t win, they change the rules. Any outcome they don’t like Is illegitimate. Any person who doesn’t agree with them is racist.

A Biden win means

1. He won’t be in charge. Extreme leftists will be. He’s a way to sneak them in. He will not be running things. Harris who has the most liberal voting record in history will. R. Why do you think Nancy Pelosi is in the process of drafting something that allows for the quick transfer of powers from a POTUS to a VP in the event of health problems? That’s for Biden.

2. 4 trillion dollar tax increase. And end to Trump tax cuts that stimulated businesses and jobs.
Economic collapse and rescission
3. Defunding the police. Which hurts minorities and the poor the worst.

3. No more private health insurance.

4. Rewarding mobs and their tactics.

5. Changing the rules so they always win and never lose power. They want only one party-theirs. They will do anything to get it. Even if it means destroying the country.

6. Packing the Supreme Court with extra judges added by them so they can be sure their activist laws are passed.

7. Abolishing the Electoral College-that means 5 states in the country will determine the outcome of any Presidential election from that point forward.

8. Abolishing the Filibuster in Senate. To make sure they need fewer votes to get their socialistic policies passes.

9. Making territories states so they can add more senators who are leftist to guarantee they never lose power and can change the country in their image.

10. Green New Deal will be policy. Killing jobs in the energy industry. Banning fracking is something both Harris and Biden said they would do. That would kill states like PA

Yes, Trump can act like a jerk and bully and is coarse. Yes, Biden is smoother and more congenital.

We aren’t looking for a roommate or friend; we are looking for someone to get things done and preserve our democracy.

Democrats always accuse others of what they do. They are the only threat to democracy. The Democrats love to scream disingenuously about the Constitution. They are the only threat to the Constitution. .