Opening Bell

Stocks are headed for a lower open as investors worry about a second wave of Covid-19 cases and a continued lack of progress on a new fiscal stimulus package from Washington. Concerns about the economy are escalating after the government reported that 898,000 people filed for unemployment claims last week, higher than a week earlier and more than what economists expected.


If Biden gets in expect the price of oil to go over $6 per barrel and gasoline over $5 per gallon with his shut down of fracking and then we will end up, as before, buying from our enemies and at war again and with his extra taxes on business, all costs will rise and we will be doing more business with his friends China and Russia. Or did you forget the $145 per barrel under Obama, and the $4.50 per gallon for gasoline, or the long lines under Carter? But he will probably be going to prison for his Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine. THEN Harris, who is even more extreme with her socialism / Communism will rule with the KRAZIE A.O.C.
And by the way, since 2/3rds of our fuel goes for the vast and varied venues of ENTERTAINMENT and they do not want to limit people's fun and games, they will not do a thing about climate change. Floyd Ingle.