In Poland’s ‘LGBT-free zones,’ existing is an act of defiance

"You don’t belong here." Hundreds of regions across Poland — covering about a third of the country — have transformed themselves into so-called “LGBT-free zones.” For many gay, lesbian and transgender Poles, merely existing is an act of defiance.


Well, I hate to tell all you people, but if you REALLY believe in God's word and the holy bible, you can't support this movement. The bible says a marriage is between a man and a woman and a family consists of a FATHER, MOTHER and children. When you falter in your faith and move away from God, bad things start to happen.
Our world is in the shape it is because far too many people have allowed our governments to determine how we should live and think. They have sensationalized things like transgenderism and living the life of a gay. Tell me something, how do you suppose God feels about aborting the life HE produces? If HE wanted people to be gay or transgender, HE would have given them the ability to reproduce.