Joe Biden and Donald Trump meet face to face one last time. With less than 3 weeks before election day, it’s time for the final presidential debate. Special live coverage starts Thursday night at 7 p.m. ET


If Biden were a Republican, every demeaning comment he’s made about black people would be a major story. The disparate impact of his crime bill would be the subject of 1,000 op-eds. The name “Tara Reade” would be uttered in every news segment.

His touchiness toward girls would be the cause of feminist protests. His inability to finish a thought would be disqualifying. His eulogy for a former KKK member would be playing on loop. His proven lies & plagiarism over his 47 year political career would be detailed in full.

Instead, very few journalists are talking about these things, & Twitter is actively shutting down conversation about some of them. None of these these issues—all significant—are even known by many voting for Joe, & that’s exactly how they want it.

Most “journalists” are left-wing ideologues & mere extensions of Democratic campaigns.

Does Joe support the Equality Act, which exists as a deliberate infringement upon religious liberty? Why didn’t Joe fight “systemic racism” during his 47 year political career + time as VP?
Does Kamala still believe Joe is a racist who flirted with segregationists? Does she defend her support of the CA bill that would force pro-life centers to advertise abortions? What about her recent legislation to ease abortion restrictions in the last 3 months of pregnancy?
We don’t have anything close to a fair press, which means most people vote on emotions, not information.