5 takeaways from the dueling Biden and Trump town halls

On ABC, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was explaining his plan to raise taxes on people making more than $400,000 per year. On NBC, President Donald J. Trump was equivocating about a conspiracy theory regarding the existence of a satanic cult of pedophiles.



Can’t understand how people who clearly have a hatred for the way the government works want to give the government more power. Don’t you know that when you give away power it doesn’t come back. I would not want to give away power knowing that my most hated opponent could win a race and be in a position to use That same power to push his/her agenda that I probably do not agree with. The power of the government is limited by our constitution... this is a big difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans think people should be free with minimal government intrusion. Democrats think government is a parent who should fix everything. I’m independent and I don’t like the government in my life anymore than necessary. They work for me not the other way around. So confusing to me that some people want more government in their lives. As long as someone speaks nicely and says they will do nice things for you half of You actually believe them and will relinquish your liberty and never even think twice. It reminds me of that cult that drank poison kool aid because their leader Calmly told them to do it. What happened to trusting your own judgement instead of blindly giving it away... especially to someone who has had 47 years in office and who really hasn’t done a whole lot of good? Happy voting y’all!

What do you get when you never had to earn a dollar and it was given to you by Daddy, when the millions you stole by not paying taxes and claiming it was legit, when you sue everyone in order not to pay your debts, you lie about everyone so that people could only think your the only great man alive, when you boast how great you are as if you are just doing another Real Estate transaction, when you use people to get what you want in order to advance yourself, when you throw people away and create lies about them so that you can convince your followers you are the good guy???? A Narcasist!! Oh by the way, they get worse when they feel like they are loosing and they get mean. Don't expect this man to Lead, he doesn't know how. Narcasist know nothing more than how they come out on top. If he did know better he would have tried harder to gain the Respect from all Americans and all other Countries. The only way to Make America Great now is to fix the damage he did. America was United before he came along even with all it's trouble before him. But now with all of Trumps Division, it will take years to rebuild. It will take a President to help heal the people. Actually many Presidents to come. But at least a start for now. Biden will turn things around for the better and I honestly don't think he would do this unless he felt he could. Biden has so much Dignity, Self Respect and Genuine Personality that he has no time to play childish games that Trump plays. The Covid Virus is really bad but the Trump Plague is far worse. It attacked evey household world wide. It's time to rid the craziness and heal the U.S.