Trump says he would accept peaceful transfer of power but casts doubt on election results

After hesitating to make the commitment for weeks, President Donald J. Trump said he would accept a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. But he continued to sow doubt on the election results and making baseless claims about Obama administration officials spying on his 2016 campaign during a town hall on Thursday night.


That's not the question we should ask of it. The FBI, Secret Service, etc would take care of that.
The REAL question is, if he loses and there is no stimulus package before election day, will he sign the bill? Will he enact emergency manufacturing powers during Nov. & Dec. should a second wave stress our first responders? I feel he will not if he has nothing to gain by it and will enact a scorched earth policy further encouraging violence against citizens and government agencies alike. I will have no pleasure watching those who have drank the Kool-Aid realize that we have ALL been on our own these entire four years.

Why doesn’t he just say what he’s going to do if he makes President again! Instead of showing how jealous he is of Obama’s Presidency! He hasn’t followed through with his promises from 2016!There will be no vaccine before November, and now children are dying of covid, and they haven’t even started on vaccine for children!
He kept saying children don’t spread like adults.. Studies show differently!!
He didn’t want to listen to science, he has led his staff and supporters down a dangerous path!! One women at a rally said she would wear a mask if Trump said she should!?
Cult mentality! After spending 7 days in ICU, Christie says he’s sorry he didn’t set an example and wear a mask!
(Christie’s Daughter is now supporting BIDEN!) And there have been people in Europe and at least one that we know of in USA that has contracted virus again, so Trump isn’t out of the woods, and yet he continues to be reckless!
The medicine he took for COVID has Fetus cells in it!
So you people that critics people for wearing a mask, are following another Jim Jones!