Analysis: As Trump flails and shows no ability to reset, some in GOP voice concerns

Nearly two weeks before Election Day, President Donald J. Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by wide margins in national and key swing state polls. But he undercut his own message again on Friday, showing how unwilling he is to stick to any strategy that would broaden his appeal beyond his own base | Analysis by Maeve Reston


It is not that it is a ‘strategy,’. It is that people are running into Trump as Trump is. He cannot project empathy and compassion because he does not experience such feelings so even if strategists write words into scripts, they are just words to Trump and he cannot convey any true emotion. His emotions do come through cleanly as he incites hatred, rage, belligerence, bullying, mocking, disdain, inciting violence and ideas of retaliation, reprisals, and vengeance. These are the creeds Trump lives for. How to punish rather than how to offer. How to consolidate personal power rather then offer empowerment. How to protect the most abusive and target the most vulnerable. How to maximize the greed while labeling the most caring dangerous dissidents. Trump is who and what he is and those who follow him shall eventually reach a day when they shall have to confront themselves in the mirror to see who they were so willing and eager to become when they willingly embraced all which is most toxic and the antithesis to humanity.

He is doing what works for him. Democrats are not usually nearly as united as the GOP. If it were anyone except Trump, the turnout for this election would not be near what is going to be. His base is large enough in most scenarios to be enough. The large turnout is a good indicator for the Dems. That is why there is a huge effort to suppress votes. Large numbers are generally good for the Dems. The GOP is fairly faithful to line up behind whomever wins the nomination. The Dems are going through a lot of changes/splits. Younger voters are tired of the left moving right as the GOP moves further to the right. It is inevitable that the future will be more progressive. Millennials are way more open to lifestyle choices. Their votes will be more toward Government looking out for the economy rather than legislating Christianity. Judges can't make a woman's choice anymore than they can force people to wear a mask. Control is an illusion. Real change has to be eternalized.