Covid-19 neurological symptoms emerge in most hospitalized patients, study says

Most patients hospitalized with Covid-19 have neurological symptoms, a new study suggests


Now so far Armenian military forces lost over 2 billion dollar worth heavy military weapons on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

That is more than entire country budget of Armenia, let alone its military budget.

The question is, where does the government of Armenia get this ammunition and military equipment from?

Second question is, how come Armenian government, which first denied its immediate milatry engagement in conflict, claiming that there is Nagorno-Karabakh army fighting Azerbaijan (the statement so bizarre that it did not survive an hour, since the entire Armenian population is over 100. 000 people and they would not be able to have even 1 soldier for several kilometers of the occupied land, not even mentioning ownership of ballistic rockets and weapons) is now recruiting Armenian volunteers from foreign states to occupy Azerbaijani territories?

WHY is there foreign country military on Azerbaijani land?! What are these people doing on foreign territories?

And one more thing about separatism.
A civilian who took the gun and started to kill people - is not a peaceful civilian anymore. He is a separatist force and adequate defense mechanisms should be applied againt it.