The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

If President Trump loses the election, he would be vulnerable to multiple investigations and lawsuits that his office has so far protected him from.


This has to scare the hell out of all Americans!

Obama abused his power by using the federal government, including the IRS, FBI and CIA to illegally spy on Trump's campaign and to harm the Republican Party!

Obama also sent billions of dollars to our worst terrorist enemy, Iran! Obama sent high powered weapons to drug cartels in Mexico.

Obama and Hillary were responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi who they could have easily rescued.

Hillary spent four years taking bribes and selling out our country and then destroyed the subpoenaed evidence!

Joe Biden enriched his family via bribes using Hunter Biden... 411 plane trips overseas to collect the money!

Why then, should all American be scared? If the Obama Democrats are allowed to get away with obvious crimes against America and against American families and against our constitution, then nobody is safe and we are heading towards a Venezuela type country!

Lefties just fine with Obama Biden financing murder of 1000s

Normally Presidents and their VPs don't actually provide acess to 'assets' of war (money) to the number one sponsors of terrorism in History ( Iran); to be used to murder 1000s of more people.

Normally you wouldn't expect the VP who did something this outrageous to later run for President. Hey, there ain't nut'n the Media cant hide or downplay to leach common sense from the public, huh?

Normally you wouldn't expect a would-be President to secretly seek to give Iran access to the US financial system with his Boss by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.


assets have been frozen but no other nation or court can prevent America from looking after it's own interests. Doesnt matter in the slightest, due to Irans activities and the fact we are a sovereign nation with our own laws.

We did not have to give anything back nor what followed. You dont purposefully allow access to frozen assets to the number one sponsor of terrotmrisn in history

As long as its Trump, the left will even claim that a nothing Burger is something and pretend handing over access to assets of war was nothing just because it was their money.

If someone ever robs you at gun point and accidentally drops his gun in front of you, be sure to pick it up and hand it back to him, after-all its HIS gun!

Iran went on a terror spree, funded by the money from the deal and created hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. Missiles fired at us and our allies which were paid for with the funds made available by the Obama Biden administration

Much of the $1.8 billion cash payoff from the Obama administration was used explicitly to fund terrorism as an additional "F you" from the leaders of Iran - including Soleimani - to the United States. The rest of the mone ended up in the bank accounts of corrupt Iranian leaders and terrorists.

The cash payment authorized by Obama is one of the most disgraceful "negotiations" in history It was a payment the Obama Buden White House first denied, then ignored and then grudgingly acknowledged.

We paid in cash, but not U.S. currency. Wary of using U.S. bills for a variety of reasons involving concealment, the Obama White Househad the funds converted to untraceable Euros, Swiss francs, and other foreign currencies. More troubling than those initial denials and deceptions was the fact that $400 million of that all-cash payment was used to pay a ransom to the government of Iran for the release of 4 Americans in violation of standing U.S. policy.

Iran's state-run media was more than happy to brag that Iran had just forced the United States to pay a ransom

Its laughable that you would even attempt to pretend that what you think Trump did comes close to this and many other similar things. That is why it is clear your hatred for Trump, one who actually has recorded successes that help America with a plagerizing loser (Biden) who has done nothing of value for 47 years other than enrich himself and his family while spewing racist diatribe.

Orange man bad, but hey give a pass to financiers of mass murder

Clearly Biden should not even be running for office and after what he and the Obama admin have done it's amazing that you would vote for Biden over Trump. So yeah, facts in the end dont matter you just hate Orange Man so much you lost perspective.

You are dumb and brainless if you dont vote for Donald Trump! look what biden done to the country for 40years in politics? And also for kamala harris and pelosi you know both of them are from california look what happening to california now a lot of homeless and drug addict in the streets , i am asking you what harris and biden done to the country? Put on the list below

If democrats win all of US army/navy sendin back to middle east again and create a another host war, and then they allowing muslim to enter to the country, and what happen next they create a chaos like what they done in 911 Attack, bomb theath etc.. everyone know since trump elected as a POTUS no more war in middle east , he pulled all army in middle east and bring back to the us soil, he make peace to kim jung on of north korea, he ban all muslim country that has a threat to all american citizen, think about it,
today the BLM is created by radical left who loss billion of dollars and corroupt politician.. WE are lucky we have the President like President Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump.. dont be fooled by CNN MEDIA vote wisely Trump 2020

Don't put the horse before the carriage. I have no doubt he is guilty of many criminal activities. I think if Trump loses he will make a deal with the Feds. I think he was on the verge of bankruptcy. I believe during his time as President he has rebuilt his wealth off the American Taxpayers. I also believe he has done things we can't even imagine. If and when it all comes clean about him; just like all the corrupt presidents before him, he will walk away without any accountability. Our gov. will just be glad he is out.

Trump looks at being president as a safe haven for him & a cash cow ! He can & has broken several laws, he has diverted cash from the RNC into several fake companies, & he has not accomplished one thing good for America. He has rolled back every environmental security we had. He has allowed drilling in our parks. He has allowed the oceans to be more polluted, and because of his fearing losing the election, allowed thousands to die before taking the tiniest action ! Anyone that thinks trump should be in Office another 4 years really needs a therapist!

Where is their story on JOE BIDEN and Hunter Biden getting RICH off CHINA? CNN, ABC & NBC didn’t run this story because they don’t believe we have the right to hear anything that may go against their narrative. They are targeting you and filling you with only what they want you to believe, not facts. Where was their story on Twitter & FB CENSORING the American people? That’s the news they should be reporting regardless of how they feel about that news. Everyone should watch these big tech companies who have been called to come before the senate Friday, October 22! CNN assumes Americans are sheep or mindless, but I promise you we are neither of those & we definitely are NOT WEAK! Trump/Pence 2020 to save your freedoms, literally!! This should NOT be a vote against Trump but a vote for Trump to truly save your right to free speech, right to practice and express your religious beliefs and most importantly, your right to remain FREE. Decide for yourself, not what CNN & others are ruthlessly swaying you to believe.

This is another show of not only the stupidity and bias of CNN but of all the people commenting believing it. True or not, which I doubt mainly because CNN reported it, Trump can't be president forever so eventually he would have to face any criminal charges that are actually legit. 4 more years won't change any of that so to say thats the reason he wants to win is ludicrous. He has been investigated ad nauseum from the first day and there was no wrong doing but all you liberals believed it. Do you now believe it was Hillary and Biden all along doing what they were accusing Trump of? Why isnt CNN running stories about that? If it was wrong for trump to do what he was accused of, why is it okay when you find out the democrats were actually doing it? Trump isn't running scared, the democrats are. They know their corruption is coming to light and they're desperate. The desperation is everywhere. It's scary that people can't see the corruption or turn a blind eye to it just because their candidate lost 2016 and they're hatred for the winner outweighs everything else. There are no biden supporters only Trump haters. CNN your bias is becoming laughable at this point and you're now the brunt of the political jokes.