Fox News portrayed it as one of the biggest scandals in American history. Then it fell apart

This week, the conspiracy theory collapsed when The Washington Post reported that a Justice Department investigation into the supposed scandal quietly ended with no charges


My American friends ... I have always worked for American multinational companies and a common point between them was compulsory retirement at the age of 70 ... and the reasons were also common: loss of work capacity and interest in new learning , loss of physical energy, companies giving up on investing in the development of these veterans and in their careers and, on the social side, companies thought it was the moment of the veteran who did not have the courage to retire doing it compulsorily and enjoying the remaining time of life for your leisure, more intense contact with family and friends ... in short ... So, I am curious to know how to be a candidate for the most challenging position and one that demands time and mental and effort in the world, as the position of President of the United States, he can gladly exercise this role! This position requires an intense workload, many meetings and interviews, travel, difficult decisions that impact the whole world, an extended work schedule ... One of the candidates is 77 years old ... would complete 80 in full term. If I were him, I would rather go fishing, walking barefoot on the beach, hiking in the forests, traveling, watching birds, writing books about his experiences ... But, we must respect his courage and determination ...