Wolf Blitzer presses Nancy Pelosi on latest coronvirus stimulus proposal

CNN’S Wolf Blitzer presses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on President Donald J. Trump’s $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal and why she doesn’t agree with it. “They do not share our values,” Pelosi says.



The whole America media with very very little exceptions are against Trump.

No because he did anything wrong,
Or he did not do anything on his last 3 years.

But just because America has been in so many corruptions and wars, that your whole system is out of control and democracy is only in your mouth.

No other president had to have so much opposition from his first day,,even from his own party some of them.
Why? Why? One may ask.

The answer is,,,because democrats and republicans are just about the same. In many ways.

But Trump is an out sider, and so many of his team, after months realise that the man, knows how to build the economy, and oppose the deep state and they so many corruptions.

Trump knew there is corruptions, but never ever imagine how deep and how many they are.

That’s why, the whole democrat and some republicans try to get him out,

But destiny is amazing, and if God is to save America from the dictator of China,,nothing can stop Trump to win, even if they try and cheat the votes .

But let me tell you, if God that knows what’s best, and let’s democrat communist win. It will be only, to help the sleepy Americans by giving then Biden that knows not what he is talking about, and he will end up going home ,and wow un to all that Harris will take over.

Then the people my awake ,and see the devil at work, but it will be to late,,,until the next elections, then

This statement is just food for thought. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is supposed to be able to put her Democratic Party agenda aside so as to work with peacefully with the opposite Party (Republican). She has a greater power even then the President because she controls the checks and balances. But she doesn't work for both Parties as mediator. She keeps own agenda front and center. She has stated she doesn't like our elected President and she was going to remove him from office. She has wasted precious taxpayers money and time to Impeach him for abuse of power. Really, her misuse of her own power is obvious to complete her own agenda. She shows the voters of our precious USA and what it stands for, she stands for bailing out the states that have Democratic Governors and isn't thinking about the families that need the 2nd Stimulus check because they can't make ends meet. She has taken her status to a new level. Have any other her constituents really thought why she wants a Committee to review the 25th Amendment? The 25th Amendment was created to remove the President if it is proven that is is incompetent either mentally or physically. She maybe thinking of Fmr Vice President Biden and how he has been exhibiting signs of dementia/ definition confusion when talking related to person, place or time that worsens over time. She may be thinking of taking down a 2nd President., then she would become the Vice President. Making another Historical step on her way to the Top. I hope you voters out there that have already vote have made the correct choice. I wasted my vote in 2016, voted for someone I knew wouldn't win. I didn't know Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton didn't show that she could run this country when she removed herself from President Barack OBama's cabinet. I'm not wasting my vote this time. President Trump has served with grace and determination. He's FOR the people, he's FOR our best interest when it comes to our Economy. He FOR our Country and wants our Military home. He's for our Safety and Security why Protecting Our Borders. He speaks clearly, concisely and with from the heart. We are the only Country that I hear blaming the President for the Virus. That claim is just plain propaganda . He has done the Job by forming a Committee and contacting American companies to build ventilators and PPE. He had a Ship parked in NYC bay and contacted Big Pharma to work on a vaccine. Governors stood up to let the President know they would control the State through this Pandemic. So Americans stop condemning him when he was only thinking about us and worried about lives lost. But, realize the lives saved because death comes to all of in times, some sooner than others, but everyone has the freedom of self will so they need to take care of themselves to help keep the count down. Remember, this Virus was a New Unknown for treatment but now people are living through the Virus. Remember, when Fmr V Pres Biden was asked how he would have handled the Virus, he pretty much said everything the President had already done along with a National Lockdown and mandatory mask wearing. Masks help but don't stop and if they get too wet they don't work at all. If Biden wins I hope I'm wrong. I know this comment will receive as many nays as yays but it needs to be said.