Philadelphia police shot and killed a Black man wielding a knife, sparking overnight protests and violence

Philadelphia police fatally shot a Black man who waved a knife while standing on a street, an encounter the police commissioner says “raises many questions.”


We need to start looking at our economic structure through the Lenses of Morality, Faith , Justice and Poverty.

Poor & low wealth Americans must change who sits in any elected office.
The poor & low wealth voters must increase their vote participation by 1-19% higher than the last election.
We must understand why the GOP fight to suppress the vote because if poor & low wealth ppl ( black, white and Latino) come together. This would ultimately stop the misleading representation and economic void with no resources that Plagues our communities for years .
Just look at the Margins of victory in 2016 .
South Carolina
300,000 more votes for Trump
But 500,000 - Low income voters didn’t vote .
North Carolina
170,000 more votes for Trump but 900,000 - low income voters didn’t vote .
800,000 more votes for Trump but 2.5 million low income voters didn’t vote .
Low income and Poor ppl must vote like your lives Depends on it .
The only way to turn this around is to vote in official who will change Policy.

We need an America for all . Don’t sit this one out .

In unity & solidarity