Amy Coney Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice

JUST IN: Amy Coney Barrett has been sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice


We must vote them All out for their treasonous behavior! The current group of elected GOP Deplorables all need to be sent home or to prison! We will fight every day to bring balance and integrity back to SCOTUS! This person will never replace our Notorious RBG.....these last three were appointed by an idiot who doesn't care about anyone but himself and he only did this rush appointment in the hopes his 3 appointees will turn any election issues in his favor! Brett (the high school drunk and rapist) and this new disaster were on the team that " counted hanging chads" and then illegally handed a previous republican the win instead of Al Gore! They are all hateful and have destroyed justice as it was imagined by our founders and the Constitution! They already started by voting in favor of the republicans in Wisconsin.....election interference!!!!

Our democratic process has been ruined by Trump and his cronies. To push this woman through is in my mind a crime. It was immoral and the republicans along with the worst of them, Trump will at least hopefully pay for it in history books. Although if Trump gets another 4 years he’ll make sure the history books are changed to leave all of the crimes he has committed and his lack of integrity out. I’m disgusted with this justice being voted in. Good bye equality on the Supreme Court, and I feel a great sadness that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last wishes were ignored by these people.

A Dark day in History! It serves to unbalance the Court, it's not a matter of "brightness". The fact is, the majority of the Republican Senators vowed NOT to fill a Supreme Court Seat with less than a year to go in a President's term. Neal Gorsuch was put on the Court after the Senate refused to even interview Merrick Garland with 9 months left in Obama's Presidency! All we heard from McConnel & Graham was that "we were in an Election Year - No Vote". Now, they said they confirmed Amy Comey Barrett, because there are consequences to (the Dems) losing an Election. In other words, "To the victor, go the spoils of war"! Well, my Republican friends, don't be surprised if, or when the Supreme Court is expanded by 2 seats when Biden wins. The current Court is severely lopsided, and balance must be restored, one way or another. Of course, the easy way would've been for the Republicans to wait to see who won the election, that didn't happen. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD FROM REPUBLICANS ABOUT "PACKING" THE COURT!! You have no leverage, no legs to stand on, YOU LOSE!

What a sham of the Judicial System. We need to respond “in kind” on November 3. Especially in key Senate races like Kentucky & Georgia or any other States in which Republicans who are up for election in the Senate. They need to go. They’re clearly “out for themselves not the American People they’re sworn to Represent”. It appears “that changing laws that have been on the books are more important to change than the needs of the the American people “during a pandemic & economic crisis” Thank Mitch McConnell for that one. Not a single effort brought the floor “not one”. Confirming a new Supreme Court Justice “who was vague with much of her questions” & not forthcoming on her qualifications” is an incredible shame to “our Nations Judicial System” and those who voted to appoint her need to be sent packing. Remember this on November 3. And every election moving forward “Republicans do not have Americans interests at heart”. Get out & vote.

I’m South African. A self-enriching clown of a President was our misfortune until we managed to get rid of him.
One of the things that saddens me about the USA is, in what I think is a pivotal time for our Earth and indeed humanity, more and more folks around the world no longer look to the USA for leadership, or a good way forward. Your president has turned his back on countries who have been friends with the USA for many years. I think, if by some ungodly connivance that ghastly Naartjie Napoleon prevails - then then I think more and more peoples around the world will move forward together, without you.

Republicans have no respect for themselves or others. Hypocrites, dishonest and repulsive . They not only broke the law that they placed when Obama was President but also lost the trust of the American people, by placing Barrett on the Supreme Court they betrayed us. I am so sad and angry that we have to sit back and watch them destroy us and we can do nothing about it. I pray to God that the Senate and the House will be taken completely by democrats. We have an idiot and lawless president and Senate keep kissing his big a**. What a shame.

Again Trump has put somebody under the influence of his scrupulous character that probably will cost her her reputation for the rest of her life in the career that she has chosen!
I wonder if deep down she really feels honored that she was nominated and sworn in by a President who will never be honored as a proper leading President for the USA in History and also amidst such desperate and inconvenient circumstances that the Country is in right now and also against the last wishes of a very honorabel Late Suprème Court Judge , RBG, who’s Honorable Chair she is going to sit in now!
Also..... she had the right and opportunity to postpone her swearing in till after the Election but she prefered to please Donald Trump who sure made this a Political issue against the majority of the USA Public.
RBG was admired more by the Public for everything she did in serving the Country until the day she died! Trump knows this but as with everything else, he will never give admiration and honor to somebody else but himself!

Let us remember who literally put this woman in office, it was Mitch McConnell the majority leader in the senate. This man has trashed our constitution so bad, I implore you , the people of Kentucky , Please please vote this evil man out, not only has he trash the constitution he has literally trashed the Republican Party, it is so unrecognizable now, it’s going to be so many years before the Republicans come back and say they are truly for the American people, this woman was literally hand-picked and rushed to be a judge, she does not have the accreditations, knowledge, or experience to be a supreme court judge, remember when you become a supreme court judge your religion your preference, and your political affiliations are left behind the minute you walked into that Supreme Court building , It is my firm belief that she will not I repeat not follow this law. Time will tell. I will pray for her but also I will pray for this country, and my heart goes out to Ruth , The most excellent supreme court judge for women’s rights. Amy Coney Barrett will never fill her shoes

A date that will be remembered for its infamy. May God protect us from the machinations that would strive to tear apart our society and all the gains that have been made in personal freedoms which are all now on the line. May Justices Thomas and Alito remember what I’ve said here when they threaten to rule against gay marriage. Thomas because he should know better since he’s in an interracial marriage which was once illegal, and Alito because of his knowledge of the Italian legal system that once upon a time thrust fascism into their body politic with all it represented harking back to the Inquisition which only ended in the 19th century. We don’t need intrusions into our personal lives, neither for women to be kept as brooding mares under the thumbs of their husbands nor for people of different sexual or gender orientation than what has passed for acceptable in previous times. We are not going to let this happen. Their will be a reaction and a big fight of that I am quite certain. Millennials are listening and it will be their generation that will change the true evil which we have been watching over this regime’s time in office. When legislators get $40,000 furniture allowances while Covid affected society doesn’t have the means to pay for a roof over their heads, food, medical expenses, and all the bills that come due during this past year of want, and here in California and the rest of the West Coast a fire season the likes of which I’ve never witnessed ever, the Senate refuses to address those needs with relief measures and instead votes with Dodo to give away billions and even trillions of our tax money to undeserving big corporations and millionaires. This has not gone unnoticed and the time to indict these criminals will come.