First on CNN: GSA tells Biden that transition can formally begin

JUST IN: The Trump administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden they are ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter obtained by CNN


Trump has agreed to a transition to begin. The Democrats will call it a concession speech even though Trump wants to press on. But can he? Has too much finally become too much?
I will be accused of being a cry baby because my candidate appears to be lost. But I am more saddened about the things we have lost that go beyond a person named Donald Trump.
We may be learning that "chumps" can't beat cheats. If you live in Arizona or Idaho or who knows where, that is not New York or California, your vote may soon stop being worth counting. We will see about how all the talk of change and new blood and trying things differently will not ring true by the people who shouted the loudest for those things but when the time came they voted for the same ol' same ol'.
What we will tell the next generations. Votes only count when the media gets what they want? Votes only count when there are more of them then there are of you. The men at the Alamo didn't fail because they were not good enough. They were just not enough.
America lost today.
Black and Hispanic voters who tried something different lost today. They believed in "what have you got to lose," and gave Trump more votes than any Republican ever got, and now they were told you aren't good enough. The people that waited in hot or cold weather by the thousands to see a candidate that kept his promises lost today.
I don't know where we go from here? I for one will not "suck it up." Whoopi can shove it. I promised before, that I will point out every mis-step that Biden makes, because we saw it coming and we will not be surprised.
I wish I was in a better mood, but I am just tired. It has been a long haul but there were just too many more mountains to cross.
Charles Lopresto