Corporate America halts donations to Republicans who voted to overturn the election

The growing list of those corporations — including BlueCross BlueShield, Citigroup, Commerce Bank and Marriott — comes after a pro-Trump mob breached the US Capitol last Wednesday


I am having trouble these days to relate to the fact America has lost it way, I have never wittiness America so divided with no way home. Even during the troubled days of the anti war movement and the Civil rights movement . Today is worse . A nation that has become to alienated to its history and moral foundations. Half of the America thinks we are evil and the want to rebuild America in there image . Race relation seem to be at all time low, in the 1970 felt then we had achieve race equality. The relationship with the gender have never been more confuse and blurred. The education system is a total over priced failed , nothing but a liberal think tanks, They are no longer institution of higher learning and personal responsibility , In the most Free Nation in the World , you are oppressed . , I pray to God but he has given us so many chances and we keep stewing them all up . I fear our worst days are ahead for America. as we run out of track on a one way railroad of no return. America is consumed with hate and anti partisanship with no compromise,,,Science and education has no solution. Only God can save America now, The Anti Christ Movement controls the America direction.