Democrats promise quick move to impeachment if 25th Amendment push fails

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said for the first time Sunday the House will move to impeach President Donald Trump if Vice President Mike Pence does not remove him.


What is a democracy worth if you only have to choose between two parties? It's the same as having to choose between plague or cholera ... with no chance of recovery. It's the same drama that repeats itself every four years in the US. It would be time to reconsider the electoral law in the USA and to ensure that new parties and / or new opportunities can gain a foothold politically and establish themselves. The current political system is riddled with corruption that benefits the rich to the detriment of all. More elective parties, affordable health insurance for everyone, an unemployment insurance that deserves its name, a pension insurance in which both (employer and employee) pay in equal parts is the only and correct way. It is not communism or socialism, as many would like to tell you, with only their own wealth and advantage in mind. It's called SOCIAL. There are animals that have lived in such social associations for millions of years, in which the strong helps the weak and it works. Let us learn from them without looking down on them. There are other colors besides red or blue!

If she does this she will be turning nearly 70 million people further against her and the democratic party. Trump did not tell those people to attack the Capitol. If you listen to the full unedited version of what he said he did tell them to down to the Capitol and to Peacefully express their concerns around the elections. .. most did not expect to overturn anything.. would be great if it was.. but realistically we just wanted to be heard.. we still are not heard. We like Trump because he cares and listens to the working class people. Democrats just hate republicans and have no intention of ever listening to our concerns and want o push us aside and stifle our voice.. they will probably have a lot worse on hand if they push Trump out now. He will be gone in a few days after all. He is no danger to the country. Republicans who don't vote against this will lose out next rlections... You better not do it Nancy...

James,She is the loser for showing everyone how much hatred she and the Democrats party is full of when are you going to listen to the lies Joe Joe Biden has been saying about wanting to unite everyone. This is not the way to do it I’m sure. So don’t expect things to get better. You Socialist/communist Democrats are going to get what your asking for and don’t think for one minute that true Americans all going to let you socialist take over our freedoms we have all fought for over the years. If your so unhappy living in our Country then why have you stayed. You are free to leave and go enjoy the life style of a Communist Country of your choice anytime you wanted but I see you haven’t. So why don’t you tell me what has been so bad in your life here in our Great Country of Freedom to make you want to cost Americans our Freedoms and rights and turn socialist/communist ? because that’s what’s happening with your Democrat party.