Electric cars hit record 54% of sales in Norway as VW overtakes Tesla

Norway is using huge tax incentives to help ensure that every new passenger car and van sold in the country by the end of 2025 is a zero-emission vehicle. Record electric vehicle sales in 2020 means the country is now ahead of schedule, according to Oyvind Solberg Thorsen, CEO of the Norwegian Road Federation.



To all Americans who are impressed with this, please note that Norway is largely a SOCIALIST country. Now that I have your attention, perhaps you should do some research into the REAL differences between Capitalism, Communism and Socialism. All our lives we have been indoctrinated into believing that Capitalism is good and Communism & Socialism are bad, when in fact, it all depends on leadership and society in general not allowing small elite groups to grab everything for themselves. This happens in all the systems and eventually it is the reason they fail - when the public look the other way and allow themselves to be screwed.

Sure set an example of norway. The country that nationalized it's oil. That's the reason it has the biggest sovereign wealth fund. They have a 100 percent tax on cars (it was 200 percent before) the poor and the middle class suffer due to a 22 percent sales tax. There is no minimum wage it is negotiated by the employee and the employer which means if i wanted to pay a poor person in Norway 1 dollar an hour i could do that without consequences.

But sure the left will keep people in delusion that Scandinavia is a paradise

Not to mention thousands of african black kids that die every year to mine cobalt and cadmium that countries like norway need so they can maintain their good guy image.

Also if the left likes the green new deal and fossil fuels they shouldn't set an example of Norway. They are basically communist and use fossil fuels.

But i guess part of the reason the left owns msm and millennials is because none of them have any idea what goes on in the real world.