Why Colin Powell says he no longer considers himself a Republican

“I can no longer call myself a fellow Republican," said former Secretary of State Colin Powell as he weighed in on the storming of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob. "We need people who will speak the truth," he said.



It is highly advised that before and on the day of Inauguration, that the White House and beyond the perimeters become fully defended with tanks, flame-throwers, M72 LAW Rockets, M134 Miniguns and Huey helicopters. The mentality of those mauraders is to inflict death. Therefore the use of deadly force upon the arrival of these reprobate minded crowds will be necessary as history has proven successful to prevent the loss to lives of individuals who adhere to a peaceful environment, which will only exist when these are diminished by true law to the way of establishing peace without the promoters of the evils thereof. Tolerance or to be passive will not secure the future to be peaceful. These of being disengaged must be brought to surface in order to resolve by principles of laws to reasonable order by those elected.

In addition, they have long ago been armed with artillery, and various high tech weapons by individuals which remain in active duty, and various organizations. Their resources run deep. Your government will be successful in all.

Request the assistance of the United Nations as a precautionary measure against any foolish reluctance from would-be members of defensive forces.

The reason there were so many riots in the summer was because sometimes law enforcement refused to call out BLM and antifascist groups because the fear of being called racist or fascist by Democrats and the media. Until this day the DEMOCRATS and the media don't acknowledge the Leftist riots and used cop outs to blame it all on extremists from the Right.

Problem is videos of black and brown people are shown rioting and looting as well as attacking police officers. Some of the black and brown people admitted they did though they blame it on the police why they did it. Arrest records show that black and brown people participated. Though Vice President Elect Kamala Harris bailed many out.

The Squad justified what they did and some even tweeted they stand with them. Joe Biden at first refused to blame the progressive groups but then came out with a timid condemnation.