Defiant Trump denounces violence but takes no responsibility for inciting deadly riot

A defiant President Donald J. Trump insisted Tuesday his speech inciting the riot at the US Capitol was "totally appropriate" while at the same time calling for "no violence" in his first public remarks to reporters after the insurrection last week


His first remark should have been, No ! The election was not stolen from him, and that lied to them since the beginning of the election, problem is he's cried wolf way to long to retract what he has done, so hes playing out to the end at all costs at the cost of all those who would follow him to death do they part. Thats what it will too if he doesn't come clean, for Demented Donnie it maybe too late to come clean. The damage he's done is too far gone and isnt festering is out of control, like a cancer.

He’s trying the same thing Robert Mugabe did with his so called “war veterans” when he wanted to steal an election. The difference is that Mugabe was actually good at it. This idiot only ran for President because he wanted free publicity for his brand. He’s turned the US into a third rate banana republic joke of a country. He’s pissed on his countries allies sucked up to dictators, acted like a baby the dropped a turd in his nappy because he can’t accept he lost an election. He displayed his maturity when Anderson Cooper said to him in an interview in response to his wisdom “Mr President, that’s the answer of a 5 year old”. What did the Stable Genius reply? “We he started it!!” The sooner he is gone and prevented from even holding a job more taxing than as a bellboy at one of his hotels the better. I would not be surprised if his equally morally corrupt offspring don’t decide to stage a “Nacht Der Langen Messer” to boot him off the board of the company due to the amount of money they are set to lose after this..

There was no incitement by trump for the idiot's that did what they chose to do and should be charged for , he never told anyone to do anything but march and fight , not exactly physically oriented speech to do any harm and when he said it gonna be crazy if you know him at all he was more then likely describing the amount of his turn out , yes he is vain arrogant and self absorbed but he did not request tell or force anyone to do anything so stop always making him look bad to suit your agenda, we americans witnessed your separatist and totally biased agenda since the day he decided to run for office .

Whether he tries to incite them again or not, we know Inaugural Day is going to be even worse. He has been lighting a fire under his Followers a**es for 4 years. They are not going to get smart or change now, only get even more violent. The smart and safest thing to do is just have the Inauguration taped indoors at another time of the day and then televised, but with no public event. It would be a shame that Biden (and the American citizens) would not get the traditional ceremony that everyone wants and deserves, but I really do fear for his life. You know these radical idiots won’t want a woman, especially one of color, to be President so they will go after Kamala too.

There is no doubt they are going to come back and do even more damage and devastation and many more lives will be lost.

Wish we could set up posts on all highways and airport arrivals and only let DC residents and employees in for the 2 days prior.