White House moving day packed with taxpayer-funded Covid-19 cleanings and shifting sports equipment

According to federal contract data reviewed by CNN, the total for the amplified deep clean right now hovers near $500,000



While everyone is trying to vilify President Trump who has no control over a group of radicals, we should be cognizant of the fact that by advancing an impeachment, again, unconstitutionally, Congress and Nancy Pelosi is inciting serious violence around the country. It is inappropriate to take this action just as the 25th amendment does not apply. As Nancy said while antifa and BLM were looting, burning and destroying our cities strategically before the election, “people will do what people will do”. The Democrats did not condemn the violence in other parts of the country, they encouraged it... now that they experienced it personally they can understand why it is so damaging to our country. Regardless, the Dems, led by Nancy, will still advance another unconstitutional impeachment to try to do irreparable damage to President Trump even though they cannot prove intent. This is completely irresponsible and will cause the most damage to the Biden administration coming in since they thought they could bring a message of unity, which is now impossible since we will probably see riots across the country because of it. Very sad that the Dems are only bent on their control of the country... very dangerous for our completely divided nation...