Lawmakers speak out about Capitol safety concerns following violent riot

"I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive," Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram


12,000 people were arrested during the riots that accompanied the civil rights protests. They were regrettable and NO Democrats, including AOC, incited, encouraged or condoned them. Yet they were RIOTS. We have had thousands upon thousands of riots in this country over a hundred years and more. Most of them until the 1960s were carried out by white people, including riots targeting black populations and communities that culminated in lynchings and those communities being burned out.

At no point during the riots this past summer was our DEMOCRACY attacked. This was an assault not only on our most sacred building, the historic seat of our representative government, but an attack on democracy itself. It was insurrection. 20 years ago, brave Americans on Flight 93 gave their lives to protect that building and those working in it. And this baying mob of terrorists desecrated it, and dishonored the Patriots of Flight 93.

Anyone who defends them or dismisses the seriousness of what happened or calls it "just another riot" is a traitor.

Laura Holland yeah looting,rioting and burning cities across the country is the same. No where in your words are you condemning the action. The people involved on both sides should be executed. The fact that you think the protests were peacefully is a joke and means you turn a blind eye towards what happened. 1 to 2 billion dollars of damage across the country is peaceful. You know what makes you different that the other side? Nothing. Before you ever try to call me a Republican, I’m not. I’m a indigenous independent. You know what indigenous person is correct? It’s A people who were almost made Extinct So whites blacks and everyone else who isn’t indigenous could live on murdered indigenous peoples land without a problem and then complain how bad they have it. Imagine that.