House Republican Leader McCarthy: Trump bears responsibility for Capitol attack

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy says President Trump is responsible for the deadly Capitol attack last week, but that impeaching him would be a "mistake."


Compliments you are making an excellent point, without amy serious investigation you cannot accuse D.Trump as he told his suporters to protest not to attach the White House. It would be a shameful revenge, accusations without any investigation being made and without any facts to prove that Trump "told protesters to attack the White House", isn't it. America is a great country and it should remain as such by making each individual responsible for his words and actions, but in this case there is no "doubt" at all that Donald Trump is a patriot - with sense of respectvand dignity for America . Why are some of Republicans betraying Trump, it's a shame, isn't it. I don't really like people who are sliding very far too the extreme: N. Pelosi and D. Trump ; Put them both in a luxiorious boat to sail on Hudson River so perhaps they will find a better way to come to term in the middle . Leave America get united under Biden and make it great again in the world ! The best not the worst ! Good Luck, without any impeachment or revenge against Trump without investigation to prove facts beyond any doubt !

To the Parliament of the United States of America

Dear senators and representatives of the congress od Capitol Hill.
Republicans and Democrats.
I am watching to the house debate with growing worry. I hear too much telling that this impeachment is “unnecessary” since in short time the elected president will succeed in serving your country. But the worst argument I heard is “not to divide our country”... This is really what worry most of all.
I want to remember everyone, as an European citizen that if you will not punish this inexcusable conduit You will divide forever your country, because you will LEGITIMATE violence over democracy and you will show to scare intimidation. This was the reason for what, last century, Europe was destroyed by hate and intolerance.
And as a citizen of a country that was liberates by oppression from United States of America I pray you all to honour your oath and to defend democracy not only in your country but all over the world.
In the name of the same Liberty statue that was donated from Europe to United States of America.
God can inspire your hearts during this difficult moments.