New York City moves to end contracts with the Trump Organization

New York City is moving to sever all contracts with the Trump Organization, a statement says, citing the US Capitol attack as "a national abomination"


the pride always comes before the fall. for decades he has ammassed wealth all of us could only dream about,he made deals and he was the toast of the new york elite,he was the kind of man many aspired to be with his skills for negotiating and getting things done. now we all know the sad and bitter truth,this was no self made man, this is a flim-flam man who parlayed daddy's money and lost it all,ammassing a fortune and empire built on the backs of employees,vendors,contractors and suppliers be bilked,cheated,stiffed and left them holding the bag.all his fantastic wealth was all ill-gotten,stolen wealth, to the new york elite,he was a court jester,a clown with a big mouth who everyone laughed at.he couldn't negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag with an LED flashlight,now he became leader of the free world by some fluke and we see him for what he is or isn't.and all his endless bragging will not get him out of this.he has elevated himself to god-like status,never has taken responsibility for anything,put the G in greed and in love with himself. well his little fantasy world of make believe he created for his own is about to come crashing down and for the 1st time in his life,he will be held accountable for his actions. he brought this on himself by himself.

There is going to be so much evidence that comes out of all of this that will ultimately destroy that entire family. Right now their empire is crumbling. Deutsche Bank and Singular Bank will no longer do business with them. The PGA has dropped them. Their brand is tarnished and is being dropped by those paying to use the Trump name. Their hotels and golf courses are in financial trouble, and campaign donors have dropped them completely. New York is ending all contracts with Trump. Even the web company that collects campaign donations for him dropped him. His source of additional funds has been closed. Trump has a $450 million loan coming due, and no one will give him the money. Trump will also be spending millions of dollars on attorney’s fees trying to keep himself out of jail. If they were smart, the Trump family would fade into the woodwork and try to salvage what they have left, when Trump goes down.