Federal government executes the first woman in nearly 70 years

The federal government has executed Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed in the US for a federal crime in nearly 70 years



She had an extremely hard life. One so rare, I feel only the greater body can weigh in on, in practice and enforcement. The person who sat jury; their lives will never be the same that is how intense this is. She understood to a degree why she was being sentenced, but I'm was still filled with her own lifes feights of death. The Victim if she could have known would have killes this woman first, knowing she would be protecting her new born, her being put to death is fare and justified; in it could have already/and maybe should have already happened.

Order served is all it takes. Male or female, the crime is a federal penalty because you did not do this proper.

This is where I should commonly make sense in my criminality of words and conduct. I spoke 13 times and literally walked away by evidence. Why is that not allowed and yes you just ordered the death.

I don't fear talking to you. I know it may be the from reapers scythe if I spelled it correct.

From an Officials Conduct, can a misdoing void the harassment after waiver or judgement because that's the law. Especially the property, and that is misuse of office with a continuing Oregon judgement.

Permanently blocked. Affirmed, no appeal, reconsidered in my favor and my side is the fact. On paper. From both parties and the judge. After that we all listen. I claim it's extortion that is preserved.

Did I fear they would neglect the law and they would continue to use their Official Positions in the manner provided and while They compelled my property. Yeah, it's happened 70 times before while I've explained it. Those are my quiet words to someone impartial. A paper trail of records.

I disagree with the deal that penalty because they have gotten it wrong and killed people who were later found to be innocent. I don’t disagree because I’m on a moral high ground saying that no one deserves to die because I know if certain things happen to myself or my children, I’d murder someone. Aside from that, in the article it says that two men were scheduled to be executed this week but it has been delayed because they are still recovering from covid. Huh? You’re waiting for them to be healthy enough to be killed? That threw me off.