House approves resolution calling to remove Trump despite Pence rejecting 25th Amendment push

JUST IN: The House has passed a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to remove President Donald J. Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, a call Pence has rejected


The requirements for the 25th are not there people, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Impeaching isn't going to work either, he didn't ask for violence and he can't be held accountable for someone else's actions because he verbally expressed his feelings about this whole deal! If so then the media is at just as much fault for spreading the bull that everyone was feeding off of to get them to the point of violence. Oh and let's not forget about a lot of FALSE information citizens of this country also spread that others fed off of. So before you go analyzing things, open your box and think outside of it so that you see the whole picture and not just what you want to see!!!

Both parties need to take a stand and show Unity so no one side is facing sole blame and intimidation by Trump and his gang. By refusing, it's giving Trump a win, and his gang will be empowered to try to harm the democrats again. Trump will not go out easily. He will keep inciting his base no matter the way he's treated. He's already denying that he incited the protesters. He's already got his supporters justifying his words or denying the words were dangerous. I think to get both sides to Unite on removing him immediately will not give Trump and his supporters one side to place the blame. If they see all sides Unite, maybe it will send a message that we will not tolerate terrorism in America. The Government as a whole was attacked at the Capitol. Both democrats and Republicans were in fear for their lives. People were maimed and killed. Property was destroyed. It wasn't just an attack on dems but Republicans too. Our Vice President was under attack by the President. There's no reason to allow a Vice President to clear a path for Trump to be forgiven now, because Pense can't rightfully be in his right mind to decide. Therapy takes a long time to overcome PTSD, after being subject to terror. Pense has to recuse himself and we need a committee of people who were not placed in the middle of this attack to make a United decision.