They swore to protect America. Some also joined the riot

Experts are increasingly worried about the radicalization of veteran US military members as they say hate groups aim to recruit them


This is why BLM is important. We already knew corruption within law enforcement existed, why do you think there's so much pushback against BLM by Conservatives?! They keep using anti-American over and over and over again til people start believing the that BLM are terrorists when in fact they're simply exposing America for their continued efforts to keeping POC down while white supremacy continues to dominate at the top levels, that's why they need racists in charge of law enforcement, to make sure the incarceration figures reflect the lie that men of color, especially, are dangerous. The fuckery we are witnessing from so many white men with a background in serving law enforcement and/or military past or present reinforces the importance of needing BLM to continue to speak out against the lies about them. I mean seriously look at all the violence instigated by the Captiol attack terrorists, many of whom were allowed to cause anarchy because of corrupt officers.

Veterans of the armed forces already have a hard time to be recognize as a upstanding citizen due to previous veterans horror stories our public have to read, hear and see about. These traitors who bear a veteran status had ruined it some more and stamped a stigma of veterans as now a potential domestic terroris traitors. I am upset and I served my country these united states for 20 years in the Army and tried to be a better citizen after I retired. Too many veteran negative stigma and stereo types our public is knowing about and yes there are a lot of veterans that are good Americans who will continue to defend this nation at all cost. It is despicable that these veterans and I am just talking about veterans who participated in attacking our country and complicit with a murder of a police officer had forgotten their oath to our nation and people. They were consumed of patriotism to manipulate their minds that this country only belongs to them and believed every lies they are consuming about an election conducted unfairly. Their stubbornness caused death and destruction, it is so unacceptable and unbecoming a citizen of United States. I love this country and its people and yes we fight, argue, debate but we do not destroy this beloved country of ours. We have foreign enemies that wants our freedom but yet at home we abused it and now we are at each others throat over what.