Biden extends student loan payment deferrals until October

President Joe Biden is directing the Department of Education to extend the suspension of federal student loan payments and interest


They are digging a financial hole America will never get out of! What they are not telling you! Massive government spending leads to massive government debt, which always leads to inflation, which means that your money progressively buys less. The more money they print and hand out, the less worth it has. If government leaders panic, and print even more money, it leads to hyperinflation. With the unprecedented trillions in coronavirus stimulus money given out, we would be foolish to not expect the stage to be set for prices to skyrocket.

Government debt is always followed by increased taxation. Heavy taxes drive down people’s desire to be productive. Also, the major flaw with socialism is that workers have little desire to be productive, simply due to government waste and their generous handouts to non-workers. Loss of production leads to loss of goods, both luxuries and necessities.

Basic necessities are always ration