DeSantis proposes voting restriction bills for Florida lawmakers to pass this session

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled a slate of voting proposals that he wants lawmakers to pass in their upcoming legislative session, including restricting the mass mailing of mail-in ballots and access to ballot drop boxes.


It makes no sense why they try so hard to suppress the vote--well, other than knowing that they'd lose the popular vote. Although Florida has swung right consistently so again, not sure what theyre so afraid of by giving every registered Floridian voter access to submit their votes. Nationally I get the concern for voter fraud with mail-in ballots, but we accepted mail-in ballots under previous elections where Republican candidates won--so if DeSantis is legit concerned and still wants to pretend he cares to keep voter turnout high, then extend election day hours. If in-person voting is preferred method, elections shouldn't be just one day. That might have been enough for the days back when population of the entire country was the same as some states now. But you can't have it both ways--you cant claim you care about the voice of voters, but then refuse to actually push policies that make it a seamless process for them TO vote. GOP would also refrain from gerrymandering practices as well. But that's a whole other thread to unravel.

When you restrict access, cut back on, impose rules like “only an immediate family member” can drop off a ballot for another.... you are automatically discriminating against countless citizens. You may not realize this, so please read details! One could have no “immediate family” and under suggested rule, a neighbor wouldn’t be able to assist. Ridiculous! On and on and on, these go! Some of the proposals do nothing to secure elections! What they do is keep people for all kinds of reasons, from being able to vote!! Get the facts folks!! I’m all for ensuring legit and fair elections, but I’m not about making it harder for those with less means than myself, to vote! And by the way, poverty affects ALL races. And one day, you too will be old! (If you’re lucky) And stuff like this hurts the poor and the elderly. Period. Wake up!! Stop following others! Make your own informed decisions and fight for those less fortunate than you!

I am so disgusted as to why this imbecile is not facing calls for removal of being investigated for manipulating COVID-19 stats and infringing on voters rights. Mail in ballots have existed in Florida for a very very long time. Trump talks about he has been doing it that way for years after becoming a Floridian resident. This is about finding a reason to slow down the democratic vote as he saw how statistically close Florida was in the Presidential race Trump 5,668,731 votes to Biden’s 5,297,045 votes and he is afraid that Florida will turn. This is voter suppression, redistricting, disenfranchisement that the GOP has pushed for years. It only becomes an issue when the minority vote becomes a threat to their existence. Enough with this nonsense and it is time for the congress to adopt the John Lewis voter rights act into law to prevent the states from these reprehensible actions to interfere with others right to vote.

Awesome. Can't blame any state governor for wanting to close many loopholes as possible that can lead to voting fraud and improper results.

Who knows what the courts would have found following November if they even put half the effort now as they did investigating how Trump won the months after 2016.

No investigations though despite all those witnesses that spoke under oath on the senate floor stating fraud they witnessed during the 2020 election.

If the courts won't do their diligence to ensure fair elections occure/ occured, then why blame any governor for stepping up?? Our courts ignored the over 100 million Americans who called for investigation into the most crucial pilar of our Republic, the elections. Then wonder why the Capitol Building got stormed.

Courts don't work for themselves they work for the people. And so far the courts have failed us. Its just been "Biden won because we said so" with no actual proof.

I am definitely NOT going to look all the way through the comment stream to read some remark made by a woman who wants to argue with everyone on this post. It really gets tiresome. I think the answers here are obvious, and the GOPers just want to have the last word when it's clear that Desantis is just interested in oppressive voter restrictions. My advice to the GOP is to come up with a good platform that works for the majority, and try winning an election for once. Eventually, people are going to get tired of it and bring out the torches and pitchforks. Voting you out will be merciful in the end.

Leave the red states to the rednecks people.
When one of these red states tries to attract “outsourcing” within the US now, as in “Bring your business to our state where you can pay your employees less and pay no taxes.” be careful about following them there.

You might find that living in Florida or Texas or somewhere is kind of disgusting.
Like watching this blatantly corrupt, Trump-sucking worm and his cohorts lie every day is one thing, but having them in charge of your home state, and being surrounded by a bunch of inbreds, (some of them actually with money and power), who just stupidly swallow their lies, (with the same spirit of racist, bigoted, corruption), is a whole different type of vile.

And good luck trying to educate your kids in one of these sh*thole states.

Even the schools in the more affluent neighborhoods are staffed with underpaid teachers, many of whom came from the same red state school system, i.e. the consistent bottom of the country.
Unless you have the big bucks for the really good private schools where these reptiles send their kids, your kid is getting a substandard education.
But look on the bright side. It will be easier to carry a gun in these states if that’s high on your priority list of daily concerns.
I mean sure they’ll still charge you as much as they can for the permit. (The Second Amendment doesn’t trump fees for your carry permit, to add to the higher sales taxes, higher property taxes, and other things they need to milk from the average citizen to make up for those tax breaks rich people get in those states.)

But you’ll probably be better off if you encounter a wild West or Dirty Harry situation while you’re buying a coffee or on your lunch break from your sh*tty paying job. So there’s always that.

All of that said, places like California really need to get their s*** together and not be too far left.