Authorities are searching for at least 100 undocumented immigrants who fled from a refrigerated truck

A sheriff said authorities received a call that "undocumented immigrants were being smuggled into the country" and that they were pleading for air. When deputies found the truck, they saw people jumping off it.


The sheer amount of ignorance in the comments is staggering. And I don’t mean the, ‘that’s an ugly opinion ignorant.’ I mean the sheer lack of knowledge ignorant. I’m even seeing people saying competing things in the same sentence.

Let’s lay some facts out:
1- no one (serious) is saying illegal immigration isn’t a problem. It is, it has been for some time, and it needs to be handled.
2-illegal immigration isn’t a significantly bigger problem today than it was 5 years ago. The rate hasn’t tripled or anything like that. It’s merely been politicized to make people think it’s a tidal wave.
3-most of the opposition about the wall isn’t because people want open borders, but because it doesn’t freaking work. Most illegal immigration happens in other places. The wall was a simple, understandable, symbol for the ignorant masses to rally around. Build the wall is much easier to explain than the multi faceted, nuanced, decidedly unsexy, and even unpopular approaches that are what the problem really needs to get fixed.
4- the way to handle illegal immigrants once they are here, is NOT to treat them inhumanly
5- while illegal immigration is a crime, and should be, it is a misdemeanor. These people are desperate and we should pity them, not demonize them as irredeemable, hardened criminals. This whole narrative that illegal immigrants are criminals relates to them having committed this one misdemeanor. Technically that makes them a criminal, but it’s being twisted in the narrative to imply that they are generally lawless people. And that’s simply not true in any greater proportion than you find lawless people if any group.
It’s like treating you as a rampaging, murderer because you got drunk and rowdy at a bar one night, getting yourself a disorderly conduct conviction.

AOC, Lent is not an opportunity to get attention. You & Biden are the ultimate panderers. Biden has no sense & you make no sense. Lent is about sacrifice and protecting those who do not have a voice, like the unborn. No true Christian supports abortion. Sadly we women have fought so hard for equal rights and to be able to do a man's job that we forgot we can have the greatest job in the world, to be a Mother. Often I hear that no one should be in the room with the woman choosing to have abortion except the woman & her doctor. There are 2 more in the room, your unborn child & God. Even if you do not believe in God, He believes in you. Your child knows what you are doing, and God knows. If only women would realize no job is worth a child's life. Many actresses, singers and career women have had abortions for their job. I often wonder whether God will forgive a woman for the ultimate murder, the death of an innocent child. Most, if not all, of abortions for one reason only, the child is inconvenient. Instead of becoming a vegetarian AOC, save a child's life.

(This Is For All Those Dark Souls That Feels Some Type Of Selfish Way...”This Is Their Home,,, Their Land)

The American Continents of North and South were populated with indigenous people long before we were Alaska Native, First Nation, Mexican Indian or American Indian. This is my point.

Tribes and bands moved across the Canadian/ American/ Mexican/ Central/ and South American boarders at will before they became permanent residents of where they are today. I gave the example of how part of my tribe (Zuni) relocated to South America. Are they still considered Native American? By my hota’s (grandmothers) definition ‘yes’, they are still a part of our tribe. By the governments definition ‘no’ they are now a part of South America and are not eligible for either tribal or US citizenship.

It is a complicated issue in part because of our connection to the land. For example, my friend’s husband is from the Aztec tribe in Mexico, in lands now called the Yucatan Peninsula – a place his ancestors called home before Spanish conquest of modern day Mexico. He does not consider himself Hispanic, as he does not have any Spanish roots. Nor does he consider himself Latino because he does not consider himself as “a person of Dominican, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture.” When people ask him his ethnicity he tells them he’s from the Aztec or ‘Nahua’ people and identifies himself as an indigenous, Native American. I do the same saying I’m from the Zuni tribe, rather than saying I’m American Indian. This however is personal preference and everyone gets to decide how they want to identify themselves.

Reagan gave Amnesty but did nothing to discourage more people from coming here illegally. Since then we have done nothing in an effort to stop illegal immigration.

It seems to me we encourage them. Employers ,if charged with illegally hiring people, rarely are charged or pay a price that hurts them enough to stop. Our public schools struggle to accomadate children that are not citizens, we give IDs in the form of Drivers Licenses, etc.

We blame the illegal immigrants for coming here but refuse to blame the real reasons that encourage them to come and make it possible for them to stay.

Unfortunately President Biden appears to have another " plan" to lead to citizenship but will do nothing to discourage the flow of illegal immigrants.

All that being said..... I know longer care how many illegal immigrants are here. Our government and citizens have no intention of doing anything meaningful to stop it.