Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot

A lawsuit, filed by Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson in his personal capacity, accuses former President Donald Trump and attorney Rudy Giuliani of conspiring with far-right groups, citing a post-Civil War law used to fight KKK violence



I saw this and had to share, "As a Texan I could care less about Ted Cruz going on a vacation with his family. I do however care about Hunter Biden going to China, about Joe Biden and his endless list of Executive Orders, about Kamala Harris speaking on behalf of America to other world leaders. I am concerned about the Keystone Pipeline not being finished. The failure of renewable energy in Texas and the deaths that failure is responsible for. I am concerned about the flood of immigrants coming across our border, the rising cost of living and all the proposed new taxes and regulations out the wazoo that will drive businesses out of America. I am concerned about our Constitution. And last but certainly not least, the Biden administration's determination to kill the unborn and not support Israel, both of which will surely bring judgment from God Almighty on this nation. Those things are a lot more chilling to me than this historic snowmaggeden that we have endured. Don't. Get. Me. Started."