Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor

JUST IN: Former President Trump is dealt a massive loss as the Supreme Court clears the way for a New York prosecutor to obtain his tax returns


Actually, this has nothing to do with reported taxes or filed tax returns. That NY Prosecutor is hoping to find something that can be twisted or used as incriminating in the Tax Returns. Those returns were already severely scruitinized by the IRS; whom found no irregularities to financial or tax code violations. Only the IRS can bring criminal complaints against anyone for tax return irregularies; not, a small time NY Prosecutor trying to make a name for himself.
Let's get to the bottom line facts here: What this "Witch Hunt" is truly about are Democrats still looking for something "Political" to use against Former President Trump, should he ever decide to run for office again... Their ego has been severely beaten, twice now, by the Senate, denying Pelosi and the House of Representatives two questionable Impeachment attempts. Right or Wrong, President Trump made both Republican and Democrat Politicians look foolish over what he was able to accomplish in four (4) years; policies and changes they couldn't accomplish in the last 40 years...
Trump was an "outsider" to Washington D.C. power players on both sides of the isle; Trump was a businessman; not a politician... Yet, he lowered taxes, stabilized the economy prior to COVID-19, equalized international trade agreements and liaisoned peace treatied in the Middle East and brought honor and respect back to our military. That ego bruising is something the Democrats and Pelosi can't let go of..

Trump and the GOP base are simply hateful, to anyone who is not under their thumb. Anyone under their thumb is scared because they will retaliate harshly to any Republicans that try to stand for what is right and truthful. How could sane people allow such cruelty and downright wrongfullness to grow into such a hate filled group! I see what I thought were intelligent people still flying trump banners. It's puzzling how these people cling on to a evil man, and it makes you wonder if you really know what kind of people they really are. In particular now that the GOP and trump have been exposed for the evil machinations of the past four years. Including and not limited to the attack on the Capital. If you are so brainwashed, snap out of it. Or is hatred really all you are inside. God did not intend for people to hate each other, he intended us to be here to love and support one another. To sacrifice ourselves to save another, to give all we have in consideration of others. God did not make any one man above any other. If you actually believe in God and Jesus you cannot allow yourselves to be a GOP or trump advocate. Not just because of political assignation should we as human beings follow any man, but because of what their actions show, what they show belief in, and how they treat fellow human beings. So far Democrats have shown support and love to others in their actions. So, It is hard to to resist but we must fight evil in our surroundings and in ourselves. And love others as much as we can. To be considerate to race, considerate of sickness, considerate of situation and belief, etc, considerate of all humans. But we can put evil in jail, keep them out of our minds and out of our governmemt.

I agree but they also should make all presidents including thier immediate family show their financial records including money is coming in and out and taxes. If they have business dealing with other countries every single cent that transpires should be viewed. Biden family dealing with China is a conflict of interest and put us in jeopardy of black mail and coercion. All the Binden dealings should of been firmly investigated prior to being sworn in as president. If his son and brother walkway from this as it looks like you know our president is corrupt. Trump's taxes should of been seen before becoming president as well. Funny how all these presidents seem to become millionaires within years of becoming president or there after. Looking at congressman and our senators they typically are lawyers prior to office and make mass amounts of money and then think that they are just like ordinary citizens. Please how is it they all become wealth while Americans become less and less able to push forward.