Biden to mark upcoming 500,000 US Covid-19 deaths with candle lighting ceremony Monday

President Joe Biden will mark the grim milestone Monday with a candle lighting ceremony and a moment of silence, the White House said


The truth is Based on the center’s numbers, as of Saturday, 99,763 U.S. residents had died since Biden took office. That's in Biden's first month people!!! Doctors and hospitals have admitted in the media they were told to use cause of death as Covid to get government money for the hospitals. No matter what cause of death was car accident, cancer, heart disease if the patient had tested positive for covid that was the cause of death. The numbers have been exaggerated beyond belief!!! All a scare tactic to take the EXPERIMENTAL DRUG they are trying to pawn off as a vaccine, it is not a vaccine!!! As long as people continue to be selfish and not wear masks, not social distance, have parties and big gatherings the virus will spread and some deaths will continue!! Stop blaming Trump for the deaths before Biden took office you can see there was NO MAGIC after he took office, he did not stop Covid as he stupidly promised to get elected and blamed Trump for the death toll. As you can see he stopped nothing and the deaths continue!!!!