Officials are hopeful the US is getting closer to the end of the pandemic. But there are road bumps ahead

As the US prepares to hit a devastating new milestone -- half a million Covid-19 deaths -- officials say the country is also edging closer to the end of its brutal battle against the virus.


You will rarely hear me say much to defend 45's administration, but the way the press is covering the decline in Covid cases is just so misleading as to be unethical journalism. I keep seeing story after story of the "statistics" of the decline in Covid cases this month - there are subtle messages that it can ALL be directly attributed to Biden. There is also a dangerous implication that WE (all of us) are doing so much better (when the current numbers are still far higher than they were through most of 2020), which leads to people dropping their guards. I am 100% sure Biden is doing better at Covid response and management than Trump did, BUT right now, it is completely bad reporting to talk about the dramatic declines since early January with ZERO mention of the Holiday Effect. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years brought very irresponsible and reckless travel and gathering behavior (yes, Trump's crappy leadership created a social environment where that happened) that saw DRAMATIC increases between late November and January 10th. So it is 100% expected that that curve would have naturally declined of the highs of the first and second weeks of January with absolutely no change in administrations. My gripe is simple - the declines in Covid statistics should NEVER be covered right now without a clear callout of the holiday spike. Reporters are not mentioning it AT ALL. That is not cool. Just look at the graphs, and using basic visual analytics, it is undeniable that 4th of July caused a bump and the perfectly bad for Covid cadence of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years caused a totally predictable, and in fact experienced, dramatic spike in cases and the corresponding dramatic decline.